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Feb 17, 2014 06:10 AM

electric crepe maker

I used to make crepe's for my hubby every Sunday then we had kids. It would take about 45 mins for the 2 of us with a pan now with the kids I'm looking at least twice that. We eat them like pancakes and will have 4+ at a time, it's a lot of crepes.My question is, are electric crepe makers faster than a pan? Maybe if I have both going I can cut the time?

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  1. I love my Oster electric crepe maker, can't image making more than a few without it. I make 16 crepes when I make manicotti, and it takes longer to warm it up than to actually make them. After you try it I doubt you'd use a pan anymore.

    1. I had an electric crepe maker (the kind where you pour the batter onto the surface). It was difficult and time-consuming. Now I have a great nonstick crepe pan. The pan is quick and easy. It would take an awful lot of something to go back to electric.

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        The one I have, you pour the batter into a shallow bowl (mine came with one) and dip the top of the pan in. I can't even imagine how you would pour the batter on top and have it stick.

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          The one where you pour on top is flat, like the ones in crepe restaurants, only smaller. Mine was non-stick. Imagine a non-stick circular griddle about 14" in diameter.

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            Oh OK: Mine is nonstick but looks like an inside out fry pan. All I can say for sure is, I love it (and have been using it since the 1970s).

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              I remember a restaurant years ago that used those convex ones. They were set up on an large lazy suesan. They were dipped at at one point, made their journey around, and the finished crepe removed before dipping again. I don't recall how much of it was automated.

        2. There are some older threads on Chowhound about crepe techniques (to which I have contributed) not involving one trick ponies. If you check them out, we'll be happy to,advise further.

          1. I've got no experience with electric crepe makers, but if they don't solve your time problem, consider using two pans.

            To make life really simple, set up an assembly line, flipping the crepes from one pan into the other. It might make the process faster and maybe even add a little fun. :)

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              And an electric crepe maker is a one trick pony. Do you have the space for one? (You may.)

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                It's about 6 or 8 inches wide and 2 inches high, not too hard to stick in the cabinet over the fridge.

            2. I make crepes fairly often (the Hungarian version, palacsinta"). Honestly, I couldn't imagine using anything other than my trusty pan . Once the batter is made,
              I can do a dozen crepes in well under 10 minutes. when I need to make more than 2 dozen for any reason, I use a second pan and keep them both going.

              There doesn't seem to be much point (for me, anyway) in dealing with and fussing with yet another electric appliance (especially the ones with non-stick coatings...that stuff is pretty suspect).

              That's my take on it...but as with all things, your mileage may vary.