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Feb 16, 2014 10:40 PM

Spokane Recommendations

I'll be in Spokane for about almost a week in a few months. I've done some searches here, but posts are older and since I'm not that familiar with territory, it's a little hard to figure out if I'm missing posts or not. I'll be alone most of the time and am looking for suggestions for lunch and dinner places. I will try to visit CDA one day, so it would be great to have 1 lunch and 1 dinner rec for there as well... maybe a "must go" rec. I have not done any research on CDA yet.

I'm looking for mostly American or seafood restaurants. Not fast food or chain unless it's a local small chain, and nothing bar-like since I don't drink alcohol. If ethnic, I'm more interested in Italian or Mexican but mostly would like something that's more local cuisine if such a thing. If there are places featured on Food Network that's really worthy of going, I'd like to know. And last of all, if there is a buffet, especially Chinese/Japanese, I'd like to go. It's for after a half marathon, so I won't feel bad indulging.


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  1. We recently spent three days in downtown Spokane staying at the Davenport Hotel.
    Really a great renovated building that you should at least walk through to check out. We enjoyed drinks there in the Peacock Room. For dining I'd suggest Churchill's Steakhouse a few blocks away. For lunch I'd suggest the Picabu Bistro up on the South Hill, also Lindaman's Gourmet Bistro on the South Hill can be nice though the food is selected from a case almost cafeteria style but with a wine bar and Doma coffee, from a Couer D'Alene roaster.
    We've eaten at downtown on main street and thought it was ok. Madeleine's downtown is a nice cafe style place. Huckeberries Health food store on the South Hill has a well priced array of healthy food at a in store deli.
    Satellite Diner is a local after hours/breakfast greasy spoon favorite cafe/bar
    In Couer D' Alene we ate ate Scratch and Syringa and found both good.
    Have fun, Spokane is a fun city