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Feb 16, 2014 10:12 PM

Best Tea Kettles, 2014 Edition

So I've been researching kettles like crazy and definitely want a stovetop one that's of quality. As of several years ago people were generally in agreement that both Simplex and Chantal were no longer of the same quality as their vintage counterparts. Is this still the case? If I go the Simplex route, should I get the one with the coils for gas stovetops to correspond to my gas range or does it not matter? Also, what should be used to clean chrome-plated copper kettles to keep them looking new?
If one or both companies' kettles are better in vintage form should I go that route instead of buying new? Thanks!

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  1. What are you looking for in your tea kettle? My LC kettle works very well but, so does my Japanese hot pot dispenser. Add some tea to a china tea pot, pour some water in, and I'm a happy 'camper' with a nice cup of tea.

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      I'm looking for a kettle that's very well-made and whistles dependably. I'd also like to avoid one that's made in China.

    2. I have a Simplex ... but given the minerals that accumulate in a tea kettle, I can't imagine not buying new. Not sure exactly how old mine is, but I've had it probably in the 5-10 year range or so.