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Feb 16, 2014 07:37 PM

8X8 Pan for Brownies- conversions?

Hi Everyone,

I want to make this recipe for brownies:

And it says you need an 8x8 pan... As you can see from my picture- that is the only size I have. Will the brownies still work out okay? I do not want to do any fiddling with the ingredients.. Also, the recipe says flaky sea salt and the only kind I have is coarse iodized sea salt. Can I make flaky sea salt from the coarse sea salt?

Edit: For some reason, the photo is not showing up.. The size of the pan I have is: 9 1/8 X 6 3/8 X 1 1/8.. In cm it is: 23.2cm X 16.2cm X 2.8cm.

Thank You.

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    1. jannie gave you a great link for pan conversion sizes. There is also some good info on that page about what happens when you use a different size pan in terms of decreasing baking times. Just be aware that you might have to adjust the baking time when using a different pan size.

      I have used other coarse salt in place of a specific type of sea salt with no issues. However, in the future if I were you, I wouldn't buy iodized salt. It changes the taste of the salt, and these days most people don't have an iodine deficiency that they have to worry about. Some people can taste the iodine, and others can't.

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        I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time I am at the grocery store, thank you:) Do you think if I crushed up the coarse sea salt that it would be like sea salt flakes?

        1. re: cookingforlife77

          it's totally fine to crush some of your coarse salt… however, personally, i prefer it coarse to provide more contrast. just be careful, if you do turn it into flakes, that you don't use too much.