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Feb 16, 2014 06:59 PM

Have to get this out of my system! :)

Greetings Hounds,
I would love to hear from any of you, who've been to Michael's restaurant in the South Point Hotel. We've never been, and an L.A. friend says that we need to experience this restaurant. There are so many choices for very fine dining in your city, but I don't recall anyone ever mentioning this restaurant. On the other hand, I'm not on this board all that often. So apologies if I'm asking a redundant question, but would nonetheless be interested in hearing anyone's viewpoint.

Cheers and thanks.

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  1. Wow...I too, have been wondering the same thing about Michael's. Always wanted to try it, but nervous about it.

    1. Here is a quick "Two Cents" that will not answer the question, but could offer a little clarity.

      At Michael's you will get impeccable service, and pristine ingredients executed at a high level. And some nights that may be just what someone is looking for. In the days in which names like Gagnaire, Robuchon and Savoy were not yet associated with Las Vegas, there were times at which Michael's may have been the best option of all.

      But here is the rub - Michael's brings the same price points as the French heavyweights, but in less creative fashion. So perhaps that becomes one of the starting points for someone trying to make a decision. If you are looking for high-end culinary artistry, Michael's is not Twist. Yet at the same time, what they do well they do very well - if you are nostalgic for a night of a Coquille St. Jacques, a Caesar made table-side, a Chateaubriand, or a Dover Sole handled deftly by the server, you will be in the right place.

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        Thank you QAW. Your thoughtful reply puts you in the league of some other Chowhounds who are generous with their words and time. Appreciated. For this trip, you've helped us decide. Twist will be there for our next trip, but this time Michael's.

        1. re: JeffW

          A mistake, my friend, as no one can guarantee any restaurant in Vegas will be around 'next time.' There is nothing like what Ryuki is doing under Gagnaire's tutelage in the US at this time.

          1. re: uhockey

            Well brethren Hounds. I've gone and done it. And at this point I won't be reading this thread until we return to L.A., as I want to feel solid in our 3 looking back on this thread to confuse me :) Actually all of the previous input has given us a fun plan for 3 nights of hedonistic delights. Thanks to all.

            Day one: Blossom
            Day two: Michael's
            Day three: Twist.

            Cheers and thanks again,

            1. re: JeffW

              Nice job on the 3 restaurants. You should be in for some really good eating.