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Feb 16, 2014 06:44 PM

Hong Kong Mid Range dim sum - most variety of dumplings?

Combing through the chowhound dim sum recs but having a hard time figuring out which mid range dim sum restaurant has the most interesting variety of dumplings? beyond the standard har gow and pork buns i'm looking for varieties including

- taro dumplings (savory)
- shrimp, peanut and pork
- chive dumplings
- pea shoot dumplings
- purple yam (sweet)
- black sesame seed dumplings

openrice photos make Golden Leaf at the conrad hilton seem like they have a decent variety. can anyone speak from their experience or make additional recommendations?

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  1. The ones you mentioned are traditional old school. As such, I'll stick with the less fancy ones and try places like Maxim Palace. Conrad is mid to high range and used be be very good! Luk Yue's choices are surprisingly varied too!

    1. The best strategy is to try a number of restaurants from different regions as that will give dumpling variety. From my limited expertise your list seems to span Cantonese, Chiu Chow, and Beijing styles.

      For example the very basic (but good) Wang Fu on Wellington St has a good selection of Beijing styles with good daily specials including good pea shoot. Din Tai Fung is also OK if you are looking for a dumpling fix - OK its a chain but so are lots of restaurants in HK/China.

      1. thanks both. I will only have 22 hours in the city but am hoping to maximize it!

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          Then why limit it to dumplings....? Surely a couple of decent restaurants to try a range of dishes (and are pork buns really dumplings are they not buns) including bbq'd meats, baked pastries, soups, noodles etc etc a better options. You can even stick to dim sum places and get more.

          1. re: PhilD

            bbq meat + noodles are definitely on the list as well but the dumplings are what i needed the most help with. unfortunately there's only so much i can eat in a 22 hour period!