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Feb 16, 2014 06:25 PM

Streetcar Po-Boys - another sandwich shop you don't want to miss.

Photos in the blog, items selected and review below:

The Streetcar – Shrimp, Oysters, Catfish
Bourbon Street – Roast Beef and Gravy
Crescent City – Muffuletta
Marie Laveau – Boudin
Pirogue – Catfish Boudin
Fried Okra and Fried Pickles
Hush Puppies, Corn Fritters, Fried Mac & Cheese
Praline Style King Cake
Bread Pudding
Cream Cheese King Cake

Whether a result of my Midwestern upbringing or my career choice I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist and someone who craves authenticity, thus when I heard about a new New Orleans themed Po-Boy shop so dedicated to their craft that breads and proteins were being imported from NOLA I could not wait to go…all I needed was a group, something thankfully facilitated by a cronut-tasting with several like-minded diners earlier that day. A surprisingly expansive space with festive décor replete with shiny red vinyl booths and a truly splendid paisley carpet it was just prior to 11:30am that our large group arrived but having contacted the restaurant in advance the small team couldn’t have been more accommodating, tables rearranged and service perfect throughout our 90 minute stay. Focused on diversity with an eye towards capacity and thus ordering in groups it was a total of five sandwiches, seven sides, and four desserts that I personally experienced and although I cannot pretend to be a Po-boy ‘expert’ every single item I tasted was a delight. Beginning first with all thing fried it was snappy pickles, creamy macaroni, sweet corn, okra, and softly spiced hushpuppies that first landed on our table and with low prices and big flavors there was more than enough to share…or even to make a meal in itself alongside the ample portions of slaw and house-made chips accompanying the sandwiches. Moving next to the Po-boys, it was with the eponymous “Streetcar” that we started and with surprisingly plump shrimp and oysters full of brine the trend of superlative ingredients spanned right through two soft, spicy takes on boudin plus excellent ‘debris-style’ roast beef all served “dressed without mayo” on crunchy, lightly yeasted French bread on par or better than any I’ve found in Las Vegas to date. Equally impressed by a thickly stacked muffaletta served on its traditional roll with house-made olive spread a bit less briny than I recall down south it was here that we moved from savory to desserts and with many already feeling plenty sweet from the pre-meal cronuts it can only be said that a surprise praline-style King Cake in addition to the fresh made cream cheese standard that we ordered in advance was a gluttonous gift, both cakes every bit as good as I recall from Haydel’s and the freshness paying dividends as bright yeasty notes tempered the slowly melting glaze. Never one to skimp on experience, especially as the owner stopped by to talk shop and express her thanks for our visit, it was with beignets and bread pudding that the afternoon concluded and with the former far less dense and oily than those at Café de Monde, though not quite as rich in flavor, the latter simply stole the show as rich, eggy bread melded with boozy caramel and raisins in a simple coffee cup served still-bubbling hot…homey, authentic, and in my opinion “perfect.”

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  1. And a +1 to a place that not only has a lot of charm and terrific food, but will bring back some memories to long-term Las Vegans. One quick correction first - the Pirogue is actually a Crawfish Boudin, and a nicely spiced one at that. Have already asked Gwen if it would be possible to order a half dozen links from her; they would taste great on a grill

    For Las Vegas veterans, note that this is the old Poppa Gar's location, an iconic diner that dates back to 1965, and closed in 1998. It was quite a popular breakfast spot for the politicos and power brokers of those times.The same large red booths are still there, which creates a feel that goes far beyond a sandwich shop.

    One other tip for Chowhounders. While the address is 1624 West Oakey (Oakey and Highland), if you are traveling on Las Vegas Boulevard you turn west on Wyoming, not Oakey. Don't ask why, no one has ever answered this one, but Oakey east of the Strip and Oakey west of the Strip do not connect. If you turn west on Oakey from Las Vegas Boulevard, you go for a block and reach a dead end.

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      Totally correct. Updated in the blog, though I can't do so here via edit - so much for 'perfectionism.' :-)

      They also make the Olive spread in house and should absolutely bottle/sell it - I personally liked it better than Central Grocery.

      Between this, The Goodwich, and Desnudo Tacos (not to mention the imported Cornish Pasty Co.) I'm really impressed by the growing handheld food scene.