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Feb 16, 2014 04:32 PM

Best Indian lunch buffet in NOVA?

We will be in Fairfax but more than willing to drive elsewhere. Karaikudi was our favorite but it seems to have gone down hill. We like Saravana but my gf would rather not have an all vegetarian lunch. We went to Gharer Khabar on Friday and really liked it, but we're looking for a buffet for lunch on Monday.

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  1. I still like Minerva in Fairfax best. Great selection and the popularity means that the steam table cycles fast, no food sitting there for an hour or more. It is the one on Rte 29/Rte 50 just east of 123 at 10364 Fairfax Blvd.

    1. Minerva for sure ... definitely not the "standard one size fits all" buffet.

      1. Curry Mantra on Main Street. Hands down the best Indian I've ever had. They have a small selection (maybe a dozen dishes) but rotate them quickly and have a different group of dishes every day. Absolutely fantastic. The iced tea is also delicious- they make it with a bit of clove and it has a really lovely flavor.

        1. I actually really like the buffet at Bollywood Bistro. Good selection of items, nice space, and reasonable price.

          Curry Mantra has great stuff, but never tried their lunch (a little too far from my office to beat out Bollywood).

          1. Jaipur gets my vote. While it lacks the refinement and creativity, I actually think their food tastes as good as Rasika.

            There are people who swear by Minerva. I don't understand. I went once 8 years ago and the only thing worse than the food was the selection. I think they had one meat dish and three vegetarian dishes.