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Feb 16, 2014 04:20 PM

Lunch spot with out of towners near Jackson memorial off 836 and I95?

I'm from Broward and don't know the area too well, but have to entertain some family for lunch near Jackson Memorial off 836 and I95. 4 Adults, mid price range, not a seafood or Asian place or chain, easy parking. Food is most important but atmosphere or something out of the ordinary to see would be good since they are from out of town, trying to avoid Sobe and high traffic areas with no parking. Something near the river? Biscayne Blvd? We want to sit and talk and not be rushed. Thanks

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  1. Thea or Balan's on the ground floor of the UM Life Sciences Bldg @ 7th Ave & 20 th - 2 blocks from Jackson - valet or lot & get parking ticket validated - prices very reasonable - good food - no rush - or for something out of the ordinary with atmosphere the Jackson Cafeteria is always a fun destination

    1. Your choices dwindle when you're talking about easy there's not much of that.....Sparky's Roadside BBQ and Brother Jimmy's BBQ are both nearby......and both very good....They're near Biscayne Blvd.....a little something out of the ordinary.....Garcia's near the river.....also quite good.....

      Ft. Pierce, FL

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        But Garcia's is seafood, which Pennstater did not want.

      2. Harry's Pizza, Michael's Genuine and Oak Tavern are all convenient spots in the Design District and fairly close to Jackson.