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Feb 16, 2014 03:16 PM

Left over Yogurt marinate (indian)


I dabbled with a tandoori chicken recipe marinating chicken in yogurt, tons of spices. It was good but I have left over yogurt marinate. I don't want to simply throw it away - anything I can do with it? Obviously, I cannot drink it as it had raw chicken but wondering how it can be used


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  1. Interesting question and one I've wondered about as well. I'm no microbiologist, so maybe someone who is can post about whether you can re-use it with more raw chicken.

    I always set as big a portion as possible aside and only use minimal amount needed to marinade, and then save the rest for use in a sauce for the cooked protein, or save for a later marinade. It's a lot of work to grind and mix all those spices. and oh so tempting to want to use it in either a cooked sauce for that meal or a prep for another meal.

    1. Once there has been raw chicken, saving that marinade is no longer in the cards here at chez smtucker. The only way I might bend that rule is if I had chicken to add the moment the first chicken was removed.

      I find that most recipes for all things tandoori make far too much paste for the amount of protein so, I cover the protein with the marinade a little at a time, being careful not to cross-contaminate, until the protein has enough marinade. Then I store the rest of the marinade for a future use.