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Feb 16, 2014 03:01 PM

From, what TOP THREE restaurants would you actually like to see re-open?

This can narrow things down a bit:


For the Blast from the Past --

I nominate TROY'S first, followed by NAPOLEON's and THREE SMALL ROOMS [same kitchen]..

Your pick???? Tell us here!!!!

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  1. Goody's, Sai Woo, Lichee Gardens

    1. Paul's Deep Sea Shantung
      Hushie's (sp)
      Copper Kettle

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      1. re: petek

        Thank's for mentioning Paul's. Across the street from the Loony Bin, Paul was a bit of a loon himself. His waiting area was full of used, thick novels and Sally-Ann easy chairs. but his was the first Szechuan restaurant in town and his orange shrimp dish is still unbeatable.

        1. re: TorontoTuna

          Not quite right - it was Peking (now Beijing - politically corrected since) -style.
          He had no Szechuan dishes at all - only his 'specials' - at first 4 (and subsequently 10).
          Only later, when he took over the bankrupted space occupied by Shantung (the first Szechuan resto - I think), did he adopt the spicier dishes and evolved to 15, 25 and finally 30 'special' dishes.

          1. re: TorontoTuna

            Never ate at the "original" Paul's..only the Dundas location and a couple time at his ill fated Spadina location before it went belly up(or whatever happened)
            It was my all time favorite Asian restaurant.

        2. I was hoping people would start posting their top 3 comebacks when I responded to Charles. But a new thread is even better! ; )

          I wondered which of all those listed I would want to see actually come back and I couldn't pick just one. But Susur would be in my top three comebacks for sure. That being said, he would need to up the ante [again].

          To round out the other two I think I would pick Perigee, JOV, Continental, Young Lok, Partners too, Original Young Thailand.

          Couldn't stop at three sorry.

          1. 1) Original "Living Well" on Yonge for its Blackened Chicken with Raspberry sauce
            2) "8 Ball Bar & Grill" Dundas @ Bay - for its Chicken wings (they added black bean sauce in with the hot sauce that they coated the wings in)
            3) Original "Thuet Cuisine" on King W for the 12 course tasting menu and especially the "Munster Crème Brulee"

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            1. re: pourboi

              I was surprised nobody had said Thuet in the other thread. That menu, and the Brulée, were amazing.

            2. Boba
              Mercer Street Grill
              Monte Carlos

              So hard to stop @ just 3. There are many more that I'd like to add to the list :)

              Ok. I have to add the Magic Pan. They made the best strawberry crepes with whipped cream that I've ever had!

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              1. re: kwass

                The Magic Pan lives on, only better, in Edmonton.

                The Creperie under Hans Kunel has been delighting diners since the mid-70's. He took the Toronto MP concept and improved it in every way possible.