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Feb 16, 2014 02:54 PM

DC vacation itinerary. Your Input is appreciated.

Please give me your take on my restaurants for our 5 days at the end of March. We are a family of 4 who like most everything although a little sour on Indian and Ethiopian. 2 Kids ages 10 and 13 who love good food. Love Asian and small plates. Staying at Embassy Suites Foggy Bottom with a car.

We have reservations at most restaurants and tickets for most other museums and tours. This is what we are doing and our lunch and dinner plans. Your input is appreciated if we are off base somewhere.

Tue, March 25 - Drive in Frederick, Md. Walk to dinner at DGS Deli (reserved).

Wed, March 26 - Day at the Holocaust Museum and Capital Building Tour. Dinner at Toki Underground

Thur, March 27 - Tour Arlington in the Morning then drive back to hotel. Walk down to Bub and Pop's for lunch. Walk around mall and white house and then dinner at Old Ebbitt (reserved)

Fri, March 28 - Ford Theatre in the morning with lunch at Paul or Teaism Tea Shop. Afternoon at the National Archives, possibly the Nat History Museum, and then on to Portrait Museum. Dinner at Zaytinya (reserved).

Sat, March 29 - Day at National Parks East such as Kenilworth Park, Fort Dupont, Frederick Douglass House, Oxon Cove. Dinner at one of the many restaurants at Eden Center

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  1. Frederick Douglass House definitely worth it. If you go to SE, especially Fort Dupont (not sure why), you should go to one of my favorite meals in the DC area; Pimento Grill. Tiny, tiny place with only a couple of tables (usually unoccupied, everyone pretty much gets carry out). Jamaican food, go for the brown stew and the curry, and the escoveitched fish. Order cabbage, peas and rice, and their homemade flavored juices. This is a five-star Chowhound Delight.

    Skip Old Ebbitt Grill. Go almost anywhere else. If you need to be near the White House, go early to grab one of the tables near the bar area at Taberna del Alaberdero for the tapas, which are half price before 7pm. Ask for patatas braves if you don't see them on the list. They will make it for you. Or take this night to go out to Eden Center.

    Make sure you get the kimchi ramen at Toki Underground. It is world class. The others are only ok, but most definitely better than what's available in Parkdale.

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    1. re: Steve

      Cancel the reservation at Old Ebbitts (peek inside if yoiu must, but do not linger). A block north is Woodward Table. Other options besides Taberna, depending which direction yoiu are intending to wander, would be Oval Room, Central and Tosca. Or, if you're willing to go a bit further, head down to Barrack's Row and try for a table at Rose's Luxury. If that's a no-go, then go to Hank's on the Hill or Sonoma. In Chinatown, there's Daikaya reviews here:

      1. re: crackers

        We will be walking from the mall back up to our hotel, the Embassy Suites, on 22nd Street Northwest (Between Washington and Dupont Circles). I am cancelling Old Ebbitts but please give me a better choice to hit while walking please!

        1. re: Raboi

          You might also check discussions of restaurants in West End and Foggy Bottom -- like Rasika West, Ris, etc, for that walk.

          Personally I think you're fine for a quick lunch at either Paul or Teaism, if you don't have super high expectations.

    2. If you're hauling all the way up to Frederick, try Volt or Family Meal while you're there. I much prefer either of those to DGS...I think that DGS' menu is pretty limited, but if you love that style of food, maybe it's more appealing.

      Old Ebbitt is fine if you just want the "experience" but it's crowded and nothing great.

      Skip Paul, Teaism would be better. There are plenty of better lunch options than either of those.

      Yum for Zaytinya and Toki.

      Not what you asked about...but I wouldn't devote a day to the "east" national parks. We pop over to Oxon Cove occasionally, but it's only because it's uncrowded and the easiest in and out option to let our 3 years old see cows and pigs. Not much else of note. The Arboreteum is a nicer space than Kenilworth -- but neither of which I'd especially recommend to out-of-towners who were only here for a few days, especially with kids.

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      1. re: rachelcp

        You have a better idea for lunch on our way walking from Old Post Office Tower to National Archives? Very little time for a sit down meal. Has to be fast.

        1. re: Raboi

          I would sooner go to Hill Country BBQ for their 'moist' brisket, which is fantastic. Sides are good. Order at the counter, everything is already prepared. You pay by the pound.

          Under-order here. It's always more food than it looks like.

          1. re: Raboi

            Bistro d"Oc for lunch - right across from Ford's Theater. or get a robust salad at Chop't at Pennsylvania and 9th St.

            For dinner after walking around the Mall, I'd suggest Blue Duck Tavern or Ris, both close enough to your hotel that you can put your feet up and rest a bit before dinner.

            1. re: crackers

              With a 10-year old and a 13-year old, I recommend RIS over Blue Duck Tavern. The latter is significantly more expensive and a meal there will be more leisurely.

              You don't say what time you'll be dining, but RIS offers great pre-theater meals that will make it an appealing option at a reasonable price. I also assume you'll be dressed quite casually for a day spent walking around the Mall. You may feel more comfortable in your casual clothes at RIS, and that will be especially true if eating early enough to qualify for the Pre-Theater deal.

            2. re: Raboi

              Hill Country is a good suggestion, and there's also a Luke's Lobster for a quick seafood sandwich within a couple blocks of that area. And the Mitsitsam Cafe in the American Indian Museum that I previously mentioned is just across the mall from the Archives/National Gallery.

          2. The Museum of the American Indian on the mall is great. Their cafe is actually quite good, with native-influenced foods. Definitely worth a visit!

            1. Third skipping Old Ebbitt. The raw bar is great, but everything else is kinda meh. If you want a similar dark wood clubby experience, I recommend Joe's Stone Crab just around the corner.

              How are the kids on Jamaican food? Pimento Grill is not too far from Fort Dupont Park and would make an excellent lunch stop.