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Feb 16, 2014 12:32 PM

Laduree Soho Take out Pig out

I picked up several non macaroon pastries – mille-feuille, raspberry tart with passion fruit cream, cream puff w/praline layer, mini kugelhof, palmier, and pistachio religieuse. The focus at Laduree is on traditional offerings and, when on, they are raising the standard of what is available in NYC. The flavors are precise and well measured, the textures are on the mark – puff, choux and especially yeast. Small touches and background work pay off, like the well soaked raisins in the kugelhof or the drop of rum in the cream for the mille feuille. Passion fuit is well played against the raspberry and both fine with the pate brisee shell. The cream puff erases any lingering ill effects from the so much bad puffery that is about. Even with two missteps, the pistachio religieuse had no nut flavor I could find and the palmier which missed crisp with hard outer layers and an undercooked center, this was a fine showing. There might be many light green boxes in your future.

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  1. Do you have a favorite amongst those?

    1. Are these made here or shipped frozen from France?

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        The previous location got them frozen from France, so I think the assumption is that's what they're still doing.

        1. re: Monica

          Macarons are shipped from France, but pastries are made here.

        2. Second day I had the tart tatin and a thin chocolate layered creation. Both really fine.