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Pagoda Tea House Lakewood NJ Rt 70 CLOSED

Been passing it for the last two months all dark no lights, we used to eat there all the time .....after 20+ years closed for good?
anyone hear anything?

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  1. You found that, too. We tried going there last week and found it all dark, no lights and we have been eating there for at least 15 years. So, we found a great place (thanks to Yelp) called Lo's Garden, 2132 New Jersey 88, Brick. http://losgarden.com/ The food was very good. So, at least we will have another place to go to now that Pagoda is gone.

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      Been to Lo's Garden many times too,.. always good also..
      I dont know what happened to PTH but maybe someone will take over the space soon I hope..we'll see..

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        If you have been to Lo's by any chance have you been to that place a couple of blocks away called Sentosa? That was also highly rated and we thought we would give Sentosa a try next time to see how it was.

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          We go to Sentosa often. It is nothing to look at but the food is good. We usually stick to the vegetarian entrees - there are many unusual ones - even though we are not vegetarians. We also enjoy the Malaysian ones. Haven't sampled many of the more traditional offerings so can't comment on them.


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            Been to Sentosa many times always good and a very interesting menu also. Great vegetarian food!!! One of the few places in Ocean and Monmouth County where a vegetarian--or a meat-eater--can find high-quality food. try the scallion pancakes and the sunshine ribs.
            The price is right, too!


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              Thanks missybean and Tapas we will definitely now try Sentosa.

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                nizza its nothing fancy but very good food and a very interesting menu. enjoy

                another unique menue place on rt 88 near Sentosa & Lo's Garden is DIM SUM..


      2. Just passed this week and there are major renovations going on in the entire plaza & on the site of the old Pagoda Tea House space....no signs as to what will be opening there soon yet?....we will see.

        1. That's interesting - we'll have to see if they reopen there or if there will be a new restaurant in it's place.

          We tried Lo's Garden and it was very good. Everyone enjoyed it and looking forward to going back. We still have to try Sentosa and looking forward to going there too.

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          1. I've been passing by this place a lot and have always wanted to stop in, but the area it's in.. kind of looked "not busy" so I didn't stop in.. small strip mall.. hard to see sometimes.. did the restaurant even get customers? I'm not asking you.. it's just what I thought when I went by.

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              I know you could just drive right pass the place, but, for years the food was very good. Just the past couple I didn't think it was still very good, but, just ok.

              We did really enjoy the food we had at Lo's and will try out the other recommendations.

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                havnt been there in about 2 yrs .....but we used to go all the time ....I don't remember what it was in that space before Dim Sum.....but the food was always decent no complaints friendly service....I enjoy the Dim Sum selections.....weekends were crowded.

                I do remember this when they first opened they would have Peking ducks hanging in front of the glass kitchen partition like they do in china town window fronts in NYC....but health inspectors made them remove it as it scared the kids lol....

                lets face it if you want great chinese, szechuan, etc....you have to go up north.

              2. Li's Garden; Chinese/Sushi/Thailand
                We were very disappointed when Pagoda Tea House closed it's doors suddenly. The food and service was always excellent and we were frequent customers. Tonight we decided to try the new Asian/Sushi restaurant that took over the space. Unable to find any information on line, we drove over to get menus and placed a takeout order. The place was jammed so we had to wait 30 minutes - not a big deal. Well, the food was awful! The only decent part of the meal were the eggrolls.My House Special LoMein was nothing more than starchy noodles and almost nothing else. The House Special Egg Foo Young was equally tasteless and totally disappointing. This will be the last time we go there. The entire meal went into the trash,a complete waste of money. If you are expecting to get the same quality food that was served at Pagoda Tea House, save your money and dine elsewhere!

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                  Thanx for the anticipated review, ....
                  too bad it's way under par compared to what was there
                  Pagoda Tea House. I'm gonna wait till after the summer to give it a shot for lunch and try out some of their "spicy dishes" and the so called Grand Opening excitement wears off & the Bennies go home, & hopefully they can fine tune their menu if at all. After all they have much competition all around them & not too far away for locals, with China Buffet King, Sushi X, Tang Dynasty, Fusion Buffet,
                  Home Village Chinese Restaurant and a few more...they better bring it big time taste wise or won't be there long.

                2. Li's Garden has replaced Pagoda Tea House now ....


                  anyone been? don't know how these high prices will hold up against local chinese buffets in the area?

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                    See my review, above. Also heard from others that also felt the food was nothing like the previous Pagoda Tea House. It's often crowded as so many locals loved PTH's friendly staff and wonderful,authentic cuisine and were left wanting the same experience. Would love to see other reviews in the hopes that things dramatically changed....
                    Until then, my business goes elsewhere.

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                      Nice honest review Susanby Shore.......pagoda Th was a favorite of ours also......If I remember the owners also had a Philly family location and possibly they closed here and went to PA?
                      And really who wants to spend those exorbitant menue prices on mediocre Chinese food at Li's Garden where one entree` costs as much as a few of these Buffets like "Fortune Buffet" in TR which is very decent giving you so much more for you money for Dinner a mere $12.89 all you can eat?

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                        Loved PTH, just tried new place today - ugh - don't waste ur money. Decor was pretty but food was awful! Should have put money into a chef instead. Indigestion city.

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                          Sorry about your lousy experience.And,it seems like they haven't gotten the message that their food is awful.
                          On a positive note;I just moved to Manchester Township and found a flyer in my mailbox for a new Asian restaurant in Lakehurst. GreenLeaf Asian Cuisine is on 26 Union Ave and they deliver. Their food is phenomenal.The menu is wonderfully inventive, offering Chinese,Thai and Malaysian dishes as well as the typical favorites.
                          All ingredients are fresh and the mingling of flavors superb.
                          Prices are very reasonable and delivery was just under 30 minutes.Give this new gem a try;you won't be disappointed!

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                              Thanks for the rundown. I'm new to Manchester and the menu from Green Leaf stated "New" which led me to believe it was just that. Anyway we had their food again for lunch and loved it. We tried the Thai place on Fischer Blvd in TR years ago and absolutely hated every dish to the extent we wouldn't go back. I'm a fan of several great Thai places in NYC and Green Leafter was the closest thing to those I've found in this area. Thanks again for the info!