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Feb 16, 2014 12:10 PM

Looking for a small venue in Montreal

Looking for a small venue in Montreal for tiny wedding ceremony :: 10 people. Any ideas??

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  1. A restaurant, or a little hall? Rough budget? Season? Any favourite neighbourhood?

    Now one can get married anywhere (within reason).

    1. Everywhere; 10 is not that big a group.

      You want a private room or just a big table at a restaurant?

      I you'd like a private room, you can try at Graziella or maybe at "Le Cinquième Péché" or at other places.

      One idea I just had, maybe you could contact the people at Café Sardine; I know it is a izakaya at diner right now, but the room is small/big enough for a group of 10 for a wedding (IMO, that would be really cool if you could get the whole place for yourself).


      1. I've checked out the ideas mentioned previously. Thank you. Love the look of Café Sardine! wow

        But it doesn't have to be a restaurant...actually, not too sure how we would do that?!? The ceremony in the restaurant?! Anyone did this before? If you can think of some other place for the ceremony that would be cool too. We could do ceremony somewhere & than go have a group meal in a restaurant. We want intimate, privacy for the ceremony.