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Feb 16, 2014 12:05 PM

Café Zinzin

I was wondering if anyone here has been to Café Zinzin, in the RCA building near metro St. Henri ( Just wondering what the food is like, if it's worth it etc. It looks like they do a little bit of everything, which always makes me a bit suspicious, but I'm still tempted to try it... Thoughts?

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  1. Curious, I walk past the RCA on St Antoine every week to go to work and I never knew there was a café in there! They should put a sign up. I'll try to go try it since its on my way, I'll report back to let you know if I end up going!

    1. So I've made it to café Zin-Zin (still not sure if Zinzin or Zin-Zin though). I got there for an early lunch, so they were still working on their lunch dishes. I just had a croque-monsieur, which was very good, and not badly priced, for $4.50 (and it came with some salad, too - a bit smaller than a side salad, but too big for just garnish). -- see attached picture

      The place itself (although it's hard to find, if you're not familiar with the architecture of the RCA building) is quite nice. And I guess they do a different lunch menu everyday.

      I'm also attaching a picture of that day's menu, so you can have an idea what to expect, besides sandwiches and other cafe snacks.