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Feb 16, 2014 11:49 AM

Manhattan steakhouses

What is the best steakhouse in Manhattan to take 6 hungry guys to for good steaks and service .
Do u like Keens , Quality Meats or Wolfgangs?

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  1. Just an FYI a quick search will turn up and endless threads on this subject.

    For myself Ben and Jacks on 5th Ave.

    1. What cuts of steak? Not every place has every cut or does them equally well. How dry aged/funky do you like it? Does it have to be a steakhouse?

      How important are the other factors like drinks, apps, sides?

      What's the budget per person before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

      When is this dinner?

      Out of the three you chose I like Wolfgang's and Keens over QM but you should also consider Peter Lugar, Minetta Tavern, etc. I've also had great steaks at non-steakhouses.

      1. You might be interested in this:

        the dry aged ribeye is ssäm bar’s newest large format meal. it feeds 3-6 people and includes french fries, caesar salad, roasted garlic and a selection of condiments: beef jus, dry aged fat + brown butter roasting juices, red wine + shallot marmalade, béarnaise sauce and bacon ketchup. the ribeye comes from niman ranch. the animals are raised under certified humane conditions and are hormone / antibiotic free. the beef has been dry aged for minimum of 28 days.

        $225 for your entire party not including tax, and tip.

        *ribeye for groups larger then 6 are available in limited quantities, inquire about availability.

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        1. Really depends on the vibe that you are going for. Keens is more of a old school spot for meat and caters to a older crowd. I like strip house as another option.. the vibe is cool and has some great service.


          1. I always enjoy Capital Grille and MarkJoseph's.