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Looking for steak place near West Chester

My niece will be graduating from college this spring and I'm going to her and family out to a steak place (which is what she wants) that's not too far--maybe a half hour--from West Chester University, though there's some flexibility there. Most of the family is coming down from New York, so travel a greater distance in that direction (from the university) would be best.

I don't want an Outback-style place; it should be closer to Peter Luger level.

The kicker that's throwing me is that it needs to be open for lunch. I don't know if I'll have to convince everyone that it must be a dinner if we're going to go somewhere nice, but I thought I'd at least try.

Any feedback about this place?
They're open for lunch, but I don't know if they quite fit the quality, and the lunchtime steak offerings are small.

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  1. OK, another try: http://www.flemingssteakhouse.com/
    Radnor, PA

    Edit: not open for lunch. Drat; I keep forgetting to check for that!

    1. Brandywine Prime in Chadds Ford is the closest that I can think of. There's a Sullivan's on Rt 202 in DE. Both are within 30 minutes.

      Luger level? Neither are close, but both are better than Outback by a good bit. Of the two I'd take BP hands down.

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        Thanks. I may have opened the field quite a bit by being able to shift it to dinner time (I found out that the timing works out much better).

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          + 1 on Brandywine Prime...great old building, friendly service , good food, very good steaks. Depending upon time of the day 25-35 mins from WCU.

      2. Mile High Steakhouse in Glen Mills gets good reviews, too.

        1. There's also Ruth's Chris in King of Prussia -- maybe 20 minutes from WC.

          1. I haven't been to Brandywine Prime, but I have heard very good comments about it. Right in King of Prussia, you have Capital Grill, Morton's and Sullivan's. I am personally not a fan of Ruth's Chris. We had dinner at Morton's last night and it was excellent.

            1. King of Prussia is about 25 minutes away.
              Both Sullivan's and Capital Grille serve lunch.

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                Scott, KofP is toward New York, both listed above are good steakhouses. There is another, Creeds which is more local and not a large chain with very good steaks. Capital Grille gets good reviews on this board.

              2. I far prefer Mile Hi to both Pietro's Prime or Brandwine Prime but I'm not sure if it's open for lunch. I've never been but a friend speaks highly of Creed's Steakhouse which is also in the KofP area.

                1. Pietro's Prime is certainly comparable to the Sullivan's/ Capitol Grill type and would be a good choice. they have a nice room that would accommodate a large party, if that's what you would need. Service has always been very professional. I have been there several times for lunch and a couple of times for dinner and have always been pleased with both service and food

                  1. I'd suggest the Mile High down in Glen Mills Rte 1. You'll pay for it, but it's worth it. Not sure about lunch tho.

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                      I've never been to Mile High, but I just checked out their website. WOW do they need a redesign of that thing. Nothing about the site suggests a first class joint; in fact just the opposite. That site is costing them business.

                      But on the strength of your rec, I will check the place out!

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                        Well, for a "good deal".their bar menu from 4:30-6;00, everything is half priced. Not their steaks and seafood entrees, but some tasty small plates

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                          I had not looked at their website -- you're right, it leaves a lot to be desired.

                          However . . . I'm on their email list and right now they're promoting a BOGOfree gift card. $50 or $100. You can buy it at the restaurant or online, but only March 1-5. http://milehighsteakandseafood.homest...

                          We had dinner there last week, having been reminded about the place by this thread. It was an excellent dinner, but definitely pricey.

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                            We were there once. Not a favorite. Didn't like the decor but overall not a bad meal.

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                              Chacun a son gout. One of the features that impressed us about Mile High was the decor!