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No Waffle House in NJ

New Jersey falls just outside the contiguous range of states that have Waffle House. It's a safe assumption that any expansion would involve NJ. I know they have a loyal cult following. Anyone been to one and have an opinion on whether we are better off without?

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  1. Love love love Waffle House! The best hash browns which you can get many different ways (with onions, chili, cheese, etc., or any combination thereof). They also have grits, which can be dolled up as well. The food preparation is always in plain sight, and the ordering lingo is part of the schtick - their bread/toast selection isn't great, but I'd rather fill up on the other stuff anyway...

    1. They're small, cramped, run-down, and located in very rough neighborhoods with the clientele to match. And yet, they're fantastic. The food is simple, cheap, and delicious, and you're guaranteed to leave with a good story or two.

      Here's my favorite WH story: I was at a Waffle House in a tough section of Jacksonville, FL, and a regular customer asked one of the waitresses, a woman who definitely looked like she came from the school of hard knocks, how her daughter was. The woman said she was fine, when the daughter, a girl who couldn't have been more than 16 or 17, came in. "And how's YOUR daughter?" the customer asked the girl.

      "Fine. She's starting school soon, " the girl replied. Check, please.

      Seriously, I don't see Waffle House expanding into the Northeast anytime soon. The real estate prices are too high and the chain is too "down home" for us uppity Yankees.

      But if they do, I'll be first on line, with one hand on my wallet and the other on some type of self-defense item. Gimme them hash browns!

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        "They're small, cramped, run-down, and located in very rough neighborhoods..."

        Not universally true. Some are brand new. And a lot of them are located at interstate highway exits, so there's rarely a "neighborhood" involved.

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          And there's a large, bright, well landscaped one almost ready to open not all that far from my office - definitely not a rough neighborhood.

      2. WH is great. Can't imagine living somewhere they don't exist. Why is expansion into NJ a safe assumption?

        1. I have 2 in my area of PA. Breakfast there is pretty poor, but they do make mediocre grits, which is better than no grits. Surprisingly, my favorite item is a greasy cheeseburger with fries. Not even close to gourmet burger, but more like a greasy spoon burger from my youth.

          1. I bring my own butter for the waffles instead of the spread. There are almost 600,000 locations on the 350 mile Houston to New Orleans trek, which is a brutal trip except for the long bridges over swamps in Louisiana, and Waffle House of course!! You want Waffle House, trust me.

            1. They are a chain version of a diner. NJ is better off with privately owned diners that have local charm rather than a chain/franchise.

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                I was on business in a 70,000 ish Texas town and after one day they remembered exactly what I ordered. A little local charm to me, Baytown, Tx. Waffle House to be exact.

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                  I tend to agree. We have Perkins and IHOP here in this area yet we pick one of the local diners to have breakfast at every time.

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                    If it were up to me, all Perkins and IHOP would be replaced by Waffle House and Denny's.

                  1. My wife and I are huge fans of our brand-new Waffle House in the Central Florida 'burbs. It's clean and shiny, service is always fast and friendly, and the food is always delicious. They have the best hash browns ever, as someone already stated, and some of our favorite waffles. I also love the breakfast biscuit sandwiches: $2 and change for bacon, egg, and cheese on a fluffy biscuit (or a jalapeno cheddar biscuit).

                    Another one of my favorites is the $2 double cheeseburger comes on a grilled, buttered bun with melty cheese and grilled onions and is better than almost all fast-food burgers that cost double.

                    They also have great sweet tea, and they'll make you a real vanilla Coke with vanilla syrup (or an orange cream soda with the same vanilla syrup -- trust me on this).

                    To be fair, I'm sure it's a very different scene at night -- probably more like the Cantina on Tattooine than a friendly neighborhood diner -- but we don't stay out that late anymore.

                    I'll take Waffle House over any frou-frou breakfast or brunch place, or any of the "breakfast" chains (IHOP, Cracker Barrel, etc.). We've never been disappointed there, and I'm sure we never will.

                    1. Waffle house in NJ? I vote no. We have diners and coffee shops/breakfast and lunch places everywhere. Gotta admit, though, the people watching at WH is FABULOUS. Grits? who cares? the ladies in the southern ones i've been to keep doing their best to get me to like them, and i keep trying, but it's not gonna happen

                      1. I would love to see WH in NJ, but it probably won't happen because of the love affair with small diners. Some diners are good, but a great many of them are pretty bad. WH is just a known, consistent decent place.

                        Local towns probably won't be too anxious to let them in, but there are a lot of strip malls that should be glad to get something steady.

                        As to the "class" of WH diners, not sure anyone can be so general about it. There are a lot of very wealthy people eating at WH's when visiting their WH-loving children in college.

                        As with any other place, it's all about the local employees and management.

                        1. The folks in Bethlehem PA seem to like their Waffle House.

                          1. Always loved Waffle House. Sure, NJ has diners -- there's diners everywhere. But WH is in its own unique class, and I've never had a better pecan waffle or hashbrowns (scattered, smothered, covered, and diced) anywhere.

                            1. We love them when travelling. We know exactly what to expect.....good breakfast and quickly so we can be on our way. Yup some of the people there look rough....but they have to eat too....and work....and for that I give them big credit....it's not a job to lol around being lazy. They all work hard.
                              But when at home I can make it just as yummy as they do!!

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                                Quick WH story around "working hard". I once stopped in a WH late in the evening, and surprisingly was the only person there.. and there was only one employee, doing cashier/manager/ordering/line duty. I asked for a waffle and hashbrowns, scattered/smothered/covered, and he looked sort of awkward. "Sure you want them with cheese?" I said yes, please. He nodded and said, "Be right back," and stepped into the back room. I then saw him sprint out the door and run down the street to the nearest 7-11, then run back a minute later at full speed, package of Kraft singles in hand, ran in the door, and immediately started making my hash browns. That's dedication!

                              2. How can you not want a place that invokes devotion like this


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                                  Thanks, Chazzer, Rev. Billy is my favorite!

                                2. Doesn't jersey have the most diners (as in a diner restaruant)per capita than any state?
                                  With so many of those classic old fashioned diners (aka similar menu and price point) waffle house may decide the competition is too stiff....

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                                    Maybe not...I've lived in NJ for my entire life and while there are certainly a LOT of diners, it's usually pretty hit or miss proposition as to whether the food will be decent. Some diners serve truly heinous food.

                                    I wouldn't mind seeing Waffle House expand into NJ...I always eat at WH when traveling and have yet to be disappointed. I particularly enjoy breakfasts there.

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                                      Boy, ain't that the truth! I grew up in Hunterdon County and frequented many diners in the early to mid 60's. There were some great ones like the Circle Diner in Flemington (long gone), the Spinning Wheel in Whitehouse/Lebanon (still going strong), the Country Gentleman and Bridgewater diners on the Somerville circle, the Sunset Diner on Rt. 22 near Bound Brook, and many others. However, there were also those in the middle that weren't so great but still acceptable in a pinch, like the Bound Brook diner and the Washington diner. At the other end of the spectrum were joints like the Royal Diner on 22 near North Branch. The only redeeming quality of this place was that it was right across the highway from the Shamrock Bar and provided a refuge at 2 am until sober enough to drive home. Then you had the Whitehouse Diner (my home town). Cute waitresses (at times) and Val's rice pudding were the main attractions, at least for this teenager.
                                      Anyway, I do believe if we had Waffle Houses spread around this area they would have been very, very popular. Especially if they were open 24/7! btw, the common denominator of all these places (including WH) is that they all served coffee that ranged from disgusting to almost decent.

                                  2. <<<<<As with any other place, it's all about the local employees and management>>>>


                                    Best, most accurate post in the thread!!

                                    1. There is a Waffle House off I-95 at the first exit in Maryland, just a few miles from New Jersey.

                                      1. Well, that's certainly something that New Jersey has in common with California.

                                        1. Not familiar with them,but you do have a few original pancake house- one just opened here in westchester,ny,and besides not being able to handle the crowds-seems to be very good. I had posted about it before it opened and they too seem to have a very good following.Perhaps you could try them out

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                                            I first heard of the from The Kid from Brooklyn's viral Starbucks rant. Good free advertising for them. I've been to the location by the GWB several times.