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Feb 16, 2014 07:38 AM

Where to get the best fish tacos in DC?

Craving fish tacos and looking for some recommendations!! Thank you :-)

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  1. Jimmy's Grill. Maine Avenue Fish Market.

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      Corn tortillas? One or two for each taco? Radish or cilantro noticeable?
      I have to admit I love the little bits of radish that are on the tacos at TECC. Other places serve bigger chunks of radish on the side, but they really taste good in a lengua or cabrito taco, not sure if they would work as well in a fish taco.

      1. re: Ziv

        Not too familiar with DC, does TECC stand for: Taqueria El Charrito Caminante?

        1. re: needsomehelp81

          Yes, but they don't have fish tacos. Their best is the taco de cabrito. Hands down my favorite taco in the area. The chorizo is my second choice.

          1. re: Steve

            Lengua is really good too tho a bit chewy.

      2. MadHatter on Connecticut Avenue has blackened grouper fish tacos which are very good.

        1. My favorite are the fish tacos at District Taco, but I don't know that they have them every night of the week, I think it's only Friday night. You can get them in corn or flour tortillas.

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            District Taco has fish tacos on Tuesday and Friday. I like the slaw and the sauce they put on them, but the fish has been inconsistent, both in flavor and quantity. When they're good, they're good. When they're mediocre, they're mediocre.

            I actually prefer the grilled fish tacos at Baja Fresh, but like most chains, the quality varies by location. The one in the Pan Am shopping center (Merrifield area) does them consistently better than the one in Falls Church. Though both Baja Fresh shops serve a bigger chunk of fish than DC Taco, and they put in a slice of avocado. Price is roughly the same, and you get free chips at Baja Fresh. Not much difference between the tortillas, probably both come off the same truck, neither made in house.

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              I like the Baja Fresh fish tacos at Clarendon. They aren't great but they are a lot better than the ones I used to get at the cafe in the location of death on Lee Hwy and cost about $5 less.
              There just aren't many places that make fish tacos and now that I know that District Taco has them in corn tortillas (I don't like flour nearly as much) I will definitely have to check them out.
              And DT is next door to the spot I used to get fish tacos.

          2. Surfside in Glover Park has a great selection of different fish tacos. I think they may also have a food truck.

            1. Thanks everyone for your great responses!