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Feb 16, 2014 06:57 AM

Canadian restaurant in E. Norriton?

Has anyone tried Guppy's on Germantown Pike across from Swede Square? They claim to have authentic poutine, that is with whey curds and the 'real' brown gravy. (However, they don't look bullet cut like you get in Quebec.) If not for this horrific weather, incessant client cancellations and my resultant impecunious state of affairs, I would have been down there already. Any takers?

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  1. we will have to investigate! We have good friends who LOVE poutine. :)

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    1. We have a musician friend who play there regularly. We will certainly check it out.

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        I want to try this place so badly! Can someone tell me exactly where it is located? That area is pretty crowded.

        1. re: givemecarbs

          It's across Germantown Pike from Swede Square (that has Minado, Panera and the Jem coffee shop.) Its where the former Chinese buffet used to be on the very end if the strip.

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            Thanks CP and Wubar. I always seem to hit that area when the traffic is crazy. CP have you tried Jesse's smoked chicken yet? Could go for some about now.

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                At Jesse's in Souderton they have a smoked leg and thigh which my friend always gets and I am addicted to the smoked wings. Both are excellent. If they offer sweet potatoes as one of the sides be sure and get those as well.
                I always get a draft root beer to wash it all down. They are closed sundays and mondays and they close at seven other days. This place is a little slice of heaven in souderton where the faithful huddle around Jesse's smoker.

      2. Have been meaning to check it out. Poutine is pricey as a side dish, but not exactly a healthy entree. Will have to wait for my son to come back from college on spring break to split. I go to Montreal pretty often, Hard to match their poutine...

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          Guppy and I have been in contact regarding the Illegible print on the East Norriton website.
          I agree that poutine is far from heart healthy and that their $8 side is a bit pricey for something I could never finish myself. I hope to convince Guppy that a veggie burger with a small side of poutine-ized fries might be a big seller. I want to get down there this weekend.

          1. re: Chefpaulo

            CP that is a good idea. Might make my one health nut friend agree to go soon. He usually gets the veggie sandwich at Five Guys. And fries. I went to KOP today and tried to spot this place on the way back. Maybe I should just call them to figure out where they are.
            Veggie sandwiches are becoming more popular. I was at the KOP food court and saw them on the menu at Tony Luke's. Got a cheesesteak with very good beef there by the way. I was surprised.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Finally located this establishment and grabbed a take out menu. Was going to go on sunday until I looked at the weather forcast. Hmm. Maybe today.
              For those who think like me Guppy's is right across from Sonic and now I know where the vietnamese restaurant moved as well. They probably do have the best pho especially now that Saigon on main is done. Anyone try the new restaurant in Lansdale that filled the old saigon spot? I think it is asian. Legend something.

          2. Haven't been to the second Guppy's location, but I have been to the one on Elm St. in Conshohocken. Never had Poutine, but I know Guppy's has a really good chef. I have only been to Guppy's in Conshy for drinks and snacks and if you go, you must try their Conshy Crush cocktail, which I am sure they also have at the East Norriton location - Orange Tang and spirits (don't recall what liquor is mixed with the Tang) They also have beer and a good wine list as well as cocktails, but we had to try the Conshy Crush at least once. I am sure the musician that Crazy Spice mentions below is David Duong,a really great singer who plays at both Guppy's locations quite often. Try to go on a night he is playing - you won't be disappointed.

            1. Been to this location on a number of occasions. Great set-up and the aforementioned Conshy Crush lives on.

              I've had the poutine more than once and it did not disappoint. I can't accurately compare it to the authentic versions up north, but it's delicious nonetheless.

              Side note - we usually stop here before/after for drinks when we go to Pho Thai Nam next door. Perhaps the best pho in the area!