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Feb 16, 2014 04:44 AM

Has anyone seen Nutkao 2 color spread in CT

I last picked it up in Canada and just about gone. Has anyone seen it in CT anywhere? Thanks!

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  1. There is a place in N. Kingstown RI called Chef a Roni. They carry hard to find things from other countries. You could always call them. Not in CT but not too far away.

    1. I've seen this stuff at Ocean State Job lot on occasion.
      I think that's your best bet in Ct.

      1. Hate to burst your bubble about exclusivity, but this has been a regular at Big Lots down here in Florida for the last couple years.

        Time to see the Mouse again?

        1. Thanks! So much for my taste if it's sold at Job Lot and Big lots..LOL.

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            Nothing wrong with your taste. Some of our best chowhound spots down here for dining are in strip shopping centers and former filling stations. And large bottles of Pellegrino for 85 cents each at my closest Big Lots.