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Feb 16, 2014 04:22 AM

Ceramic-top stove as ironing board?

I don't have or want an ironing board, can count on one hand the times I've ironed in the past decade, and messed up our dining table's finish the last time I did, despite the three towels I stacked on it before use.

So, I'm trying to think what safe surface I already have for some ironing I want to do today, and the ceramic-top stove seems like a good candidate, again with towels on top. Is there any reason that this is a bad idea?

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  1. If you accidentally drop the iron on the surface, that can result in damage. The burners being accidentally turned on can be another potential catastophe. And as I have never done this, who knows what else can happen that would in turn void any sort of warranty you have on the cooktop since you are not using it for its intended purpose.

    1. I would invest a few dollars:


      Save your stove and tables!

      says one who used to iron on the bed until she got wiser :)

      1. Way back in the day I would routinely iron on Formica countertops, with towels on top, without any issues at all. I use to iron a shit load back then too.

          1. What do you have against ironing boards?