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Feb 16, 2014 01:11 AM

Boston Cantonese?

I will be in Boston for a conference this april.

Any recommendations for cantonese food? (I want to taste boston chinese food and see if it is similar to SF cantonese food).

I will be staying in the south end near Hyne's Convention center.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i recommend a fish-in-the-tank seafood place such as East Ocean Seafood which is my favorite place. I also recommend going to Brookline - via the Green line - to get Sichuanese food at Sichuan Gourmet.

      In general, i think that your Chinese food is better than ours but eating fresh seafood from the tank is about as good as it gets in Boston.

      i went to school in the Bay Area.

      1. When I dined on San Francisco's Chinese food there were more modern takes on Cantonese food (some ingredients, combinations, visual presentation, etc.) -- I don't mean fusion. Boston is rather old school in its Cantonese preparations.

        Peach Farm is quite popular and does well all around for Cantonese food. Great Taste Bakery actually does a good job on their regular food menu too - it's just in a cafe/chaan teng setting. My family also likes New Jumbo on Hudson St - ok for me, but nothing really to write home about. Most of the places here do Cantonese, so you will easily find what you're looking for.

        1. You will get a lot of recommendations for Peach Farm. It is highly praised here, and horribly overrated.

          For a single Cantonese meal I would strongly recommend Best Little Restaurant "Yat Ding Ho". They don't have their own seafood tanks, but if you call ahead or request some particular seafood item they will call next door to the fish market there and get fresh items.

          For more casual eats, grab dim sum, noodles, rice plates and pastries at Great Taste around the corner.

          BTW Hynes Convention Center is not in the South End.

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          1. re: Luther

            Another vote for Best Little...Winsor Café is also good. My vote for Cantonese is, unfortunately, in the tacky food court at the Super 88 in Brighton: Kantin. Xian Xian is very good Vietnamese in Chinatown should you want to shift Asian focus.

                1. re: Luther

                  thank you both for the corrections. Sorry for being Ms. Malaprop and I appreciate your setting the record straight.

              1. re: Luther

                ohh ohh, where is Hynes located?

                I was about to put a deposit this week on a " Historic South End B&B brownstone" located on Montgomery and Dartmouth that is supposed to be a 15 minute walk to Hynes . . .?

                I am from Cali so I am not that familiar with Boston, (although I have been there before few years ago when my son toured North Eastern) . . .

                1. re: cookinglisa

                  Another Best Little fan here. That B&B is only about a mile from Chinatown. Back Bay (where the Hynes is), South End, and Chinatown are all adjacent neighborhoods.


                  1. re: cookinglisa

                    Boston is small, I am sure your b&b is nearby. The Hynes is 5 min from the SE.

                    Another vote for BLR.

                    1. re: cookinglisa

                      Hynes is on Boylston by the Prudential center. A block east of Mass Ave.

                      Your BB is a 15-20 min walk, not far from some good eating.

                      1. re: cookinglisa

                        Fear not. Your B&B is in the South End. The Hynes is in the Back Bay, but the Back Bay adjoins the South End.


                        1. re: Karl S

                          If it's inclement weather, that's going to be a tough walk.

                      2. re: Luther

                        I think Peach Farm is over-rated if you interpret much of the high praise to be that Peach Farm is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. It is not. But I do find them to be probably the most consistent in terms of good preparation of the dishes I've ordered. Every other well-recommended restaurant has a dish (or more) that I think is either flat or done much better elsewhere. I can honestly say I've never had a dish at Peach Farm that I would not order again.

                        1. re: kobuta

                          I agree. Peach Farm is not haute cuisine, but is consistently very good.

                          1. re: StriperGuy

                            I have never had anything even close to resembling a bad meal at Peach Farm. So if that makes it "overrated" so be it. I'm "over" recommending it :)

                      3. Joyful Garden is Cantonese, but it's quite a way from the Hynes.