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Feb 15, 2014 09:59 PM

Reasonable restaurants around Pershing Square

Nothing fancy -- Thai, Chinese, or anything good, within a few blocks of the Biltmore (other than GCM, because there will be dinners, and they close at 6 PM). Any ideas?


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  1. Baco Mercat
    Maccheroni Republic*
    Blue Cow

    *good for corkage

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    1. re: john gonzales

      Out of those choices I believe Colori on Fig closed while the original one is a bit of a walk from Pershing.

      Gorbals has never really been all that great IMO.

      Baco is hit or miss.

      I'd personally recommend Maccheroni out of all these places.

      1. re: Johnny L

        I'm a wino, so will walk for free corkage!!
        But you're right, for some reason I thought the original post said six blocks which what Colori is. I see that the post made mention of 6pm but said "a few blocks" which Colori is not.
        Btw I agree that Gorbals is not great.

    2. Peking Tavern on Spring and 8th