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Feb 15, 2014 08:38 PM

Clever Coffee Dripper advice?

Just bought one and am hoping to get some tips on how to make the most of it. Do folks have any techniques, advice or tips they would share? What grind do you find best? Thanks.

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  1. I love mine. I set to fine grind. I find I don't need to preheat my mug. I also don't bother with the lid it comes with. Just make sure when pouring water in that it gets mixed with coffee. I set my timer to 5.5 minutes. When I bought mine, I got the small one, not realizing there were two sizes :( then I ordered the larger one. They have horrible coffee where I work and it's so nice to take it to work with me, all I need is hot water and I have a wonderful cup of coffee anytime!

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        Unlike in that video, I do not stir. Instead I bloom for 30-45 seconds with about 20% of the water, then slowly pour in the remainder of the water, which breaks up any floating clumps. This mixes everything and gets all of the grounds wet, while giving me one less thing to clean up.

        I also preheat my mug and rinse my filter in one shot: I pour boiling water through the filter and let it drain into my mug. Then simply discard.

      2. Thanks. I'm getting the hang of it. Think I need a slightly coarser grind than I had tried (one coarser than for my Melitta pour over cone). It was dripping really fast... not sure if this is a problem. I was using some so-so coffee I had been gifted with and it still made an excellent rich and delicious cup.

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          14 setting on my barratza grinder. 30 second bloom time and 3-4 minutes brew.

          What a great invention, ended having to drink bad coffee in break room and char bucks in the cafeteria!!!

          1. re: debbypo

            If it's "dripping really fast", you need a finer grind not coarser.

            1. re: debbypo

              You should, IMO, use a finer grind, not a coarser one. And it doesn't matter how fast it drips; the drip speed has no impact on the brew quality in a full immersion setup.

              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                If the drip speed isn't important, how come the "experts" use a timer?

                1. re: grampart

                  You time the immersion phase, not the draining (drip) phase. And I agree that timing is absolutely key (if you like consistency).

                  The whole point of immersion brewing is to make things easier and more consistent than pourover. You don't need to pay attention to pour or drip rates, because the water isn't going anywhere until you want it to.