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Feb 15, 2014 08:35 PM

Where to find Zhongzi (Ba Zhang)?

Where can I buy ba zhang (otherwise known as zhongzi)? I would prefer to buy it in the northwest Chicago suburbs, but if I can't find it there, where can I find it in the city (e.g. grocery store or restaurant)? This is a sticky rice dumpling which is wrapped in a leaf (e.g. bamboo).

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  1. Are you looking for the Hokkien version of zhong zi? Ba chang is the pronounciation for zhong zi for those of Hokkien ancestry.

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    1. re: sunbrace

      The answer is Yes since I am look for something similar to what my Taiwanese relatives make.

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        I've seen a vegetarian Hokkien version of it at Di Ho Market in Westmont. I've never seen the one with pork, unfortunately. Most of the stores here sell the Cantonese version which I personally do not care for. Although I did buy a frozen version of the Cantonese one at Hmart. You may have better luck during the Dragon Boat Festival Season in late May/early June. Try checking out Di Ho at that time or the food stalls next door.