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Feb 15, 2014 07:56 PM

mexican food on pch/malibu area

what's the best inexpensive down home mexican joint on pch/malibu area

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  1. I know, there is one in malibu shopping center. I think not cheap, forgot price, but cheaper than surrounding restaurants. If you want "cheap," u can fast food restaurants. nr Starbucks

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    1. re: csh123

      been there b4 - had a feeling that wouldn't be an easy find. muchas thanks tho. anything above malibu going north on PCH u can think of?

      1. re: tigerman

        North of Malibu on PCH, I think your next options will be up yonder in Oxnard.

        Well, there IS the Coral Beach Cantina up near Zuma...I've not been, so can't weigh in on its merits.

    2. La Costa Mission (although it probably misses on the "inexpensive" front). Have you ever tried Lily's Cafe? It is cheap and pretty good.

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      1. re: Servorg

        never tried Lily's Cafe. would love to check it out tho.

        1. re: tigerman

          Lily's has killer breakfast burritos. Be sure to check out their homemade salsa.

        2. re: Servorg

          you didn't mention you want quality. (either price or quality) I think there is a mexican near the macdonalds, etc? there is del taco(?) near pch gas station near (? Vons?) fitness center temescal?

        3. The three options that I can think of:

          1. Howdy's Taqueria
          2. La Salsa
          3. Chipotle

          I don't know if any of those meet both criteria (inexpensive and down-home).

          I've had enjoyable experiences at Howdy's, but more for the people-watching than for the quality of the grub (I confess a soft spot for their crispy tacos).

          1. Nothing comes to mind. At least not given your criteria.

            1. I like La Costa Mission, but it's not inexpensive. Casa Escobar just openings in the former Malibu Inn Saloon.