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Feb 15, 2014 07:06 PM

Koi Palace in Milpitas?

Y**p is showing a listing that Koi Palace at the closed ABC spot in Milpitas. Does anyone have more information whether this is true and when the opening may be?

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  1. I'm not sure who posted that listing, but I can confirm that this is true. ABC's lease was about up, and Koi outbid them for that spot.

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    1. re: Jon914

      Thanks for the confirmation. Hopefully the standard of the food holds up as they expand.

    2. Anyone know if ABC Seafood plans to move? I noticed that the Milpitas location has been removed from the website that now shows only Foster City.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        When they announced the closure on Facebook last year, it sounded definitive and made no mention of moving elsewhere.

        1. re: Jon914

          Thanks and I looked up the announcement.

          Not that I was such a big fan, but the Milpitas location was the star of the group. I have no interest in eating at the others.

          There seems to be change afoot among our high-line Cantonese restaurants with the loss of ABC, Mayflower in SF, South Seas Seafood in Millbrae and San Francisco.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I have pretty fond memories of ABC Milpitas. In the late 90's/early 00's, it was one of the top spots for dim sum (alongside Fook Yuen and Harbor Village). When the dim sum chef left a few years later, the quality noticeably decreased along with the crowds. We also stopped going.

            He allegedly resurfaced at Joy Luck Cupertino and eventually ended up at Zen Peninsula. Not sure where he's at now. Interestingly, most of the steamed dim sum at Joy Luck Cupertino still tastes rather similar to ABC's in the early 00's.

            1. re: Jon914

              Yes, that was ABC Milpitas' hey day.

              I'd had my fingers crossed that Koi Palace might take on Gold Mountain's old space on Broadway in Chinatown as its next project. Oh well.

      2. A friend of mine just shared this post with me. Looks like July for a Milpitas locations.