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Feb 15, 2014 07:01 PM

Where do 'hounds go in the snow?

We used to love walking over to PJ Ryan's in the snow when it was our local in Da Ville (and when I lived in Providence, that was the Decatur Lounge on the West Side..RIP). Our new go-to in the snow is Sono Sushi! They were open so we pulled on our boots and walked over. Fun time at the bar with the bartender, sushi chefs, and some customers...much the same as we experienced our first time. Miso black cod, sushi deluxe for me, and a couple of maki rolls for B. We're usually not high-maintenance, but we asked for Olympic hockey and we were accommodated. They were busy with take-out and there were a fair number of tables occupied on this beautifully snowy night.

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  1. When I lived in the North End it was Neptune and Prezza if we were in the mood for a nicer meal. Or Pushcart and Goody Glovers for more casual.

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      down the block to the Washington Square Tavern. Lucky me.

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      1. Went to Posto in a snowstorm recently - all pizzas were $10

        1. We tend to hit the West Bridge bar during all major weather events. Used to be Legal by the Aquarium when we lived downtown just because it was the only thing that was open.

          1. Gargoyle's bar was our go-to snow spot. Now that it is no longer, we have sort of shifted to Spoke. Had a lovely meal at the bar there the other day in snow. You don't get the same views as Gargoyle's afforded, but the friendliness of the staff and bartender, and the owner who was just kind of buzzing about making it all run smoothly, made it feel perfect.