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Jun 17, 2006 12:36 AM

Phoenix area frozen custard

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Speaking of frozen desserts, which it seems we have all been doing quite a bit lately, we have just discovered Freddy's Frozen Custard at 4929 W. Bell in Glendale. According to the web site, other locations are in Indiana, Texas and Oklahoma. I don't have much experience with frozen custard, but on our first visit we were accompanied by Chicago natives with more expertise in the subject, and they found it to be quite acceptable. It is creamy and smooth with a nice eggy flavor, softer than regular ice cream but scooped, not freshly drawn from a soft serve machine. It comes only in chocolate and vanilla, but there are sundaes, shakes and concretes (what the heck is a concrete, anyway?).

Freddy's also serves steakburgers, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. I can't comment about the steakburgers or hot dogs, but the chicken sandwich is an actual piece of chicken, as opposed to a ground chicken patty, and wasn't dry or overcooked, and the fries were thin and crisp.

We are in the process of buying a house that is not far away and we're calculating the benefits of walking to and from Freddy's for frequent rewards.


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  1. j
    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    A concrete is the frozen custard equivalent of Dairy Queen's blizzard, i.e. candy or fruit blended into the custard.


    1. If you're ever out this way, there's also Leap's Frozen Custard just east of Indian School & Dysart. Also worth the trip is WineStyles next door, a valley chain with free tastings. Leap's is nice, with good sandwiches and pies, a sofa/game area, and free wireless. The custard is less eggy than most, which I appreciate -- custard not being my first choice for a frozen treat. But Leap's does a weekly flavor along with the standard chocolate and vanilla -- tiramisu, key lime, dulce de leche, bumbleberry are a few past favorites. if I'm not up for the flavor of the week, I get a concrete with whoppers and caramel, yum.

      Closed Sundays -- which always seems to be when I'm in the mood to dash out for something cold and creamy, before Desperate Housewives starts.

      1. I finally made it to Freddy's, today. They just had chocolate and vanilla, which was a bit of a letdown to me. I had the chocolate, and it was good. I thought it was better (more dense) than Kohr Bros, which is the only other place I've had frozen custard in the Phoenix area. I had quite a frozen custard habit when I lived in Northern Virginia.

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          Just having chocolate and vanilla is pretty standard when it comes to frozen custard, from what I've seen. One of the main points of custard is meant to be the mix-ins, I believe. There used to be a very popular place in the East Valley (Gilbert/Southern) called Nielsen's...they closed up shop there and moved further East to Power Ranch, so it's out of my grid now.

          1. re: mitchgx

            Nielsen's has two locations, one on Southern and one on Baseline. They closed their old location on Southern and opened up a new place across the street from it.

            1. re: IamJacksBrain

              Did they actually finally open up that location? I recall they closed the old location with intentions of moving across the street into the former Iceberg, but after months of waiting I gave up on it. There seemed to be legal issues tied to the Iceberg space.

              Too bad too, because I preferred that location to the one on Baseline (based on how different they were, I believe they had separate owners). If it actually has reopened, I will be very happy!

              1. re: Davey J

                Yep, it's open. I caught them two days before they opened and that was at least three weeks ago.

                I really need to go back because I never satisfied that frozen custard craving...

              2. re: IamJacksBrain

                I saw the new Nielsen's and was thrilled. Not so much because they were back in that part of town (which is a good thing in itself) but because it meant the incomprehensibly bland Iceberg Drive-Inn there was now gone.

            2. re: johnseberg

              I'm with you there. I was a little disappointed in Freddy's. Nothing like what they serve in Rehoboth or OC. I too, am a NOVA ex-patriate, and was fortunate enough to live just a few blocks from what was then called the Del Ray Dreamery (now it's the Dairy Godmother Those ladies cranked out some of the finest frozen custard I have ever tasted.

            3. I was disappointed by freddy's. not as rich as custard should be. Kohr is also a little thin, and slightly icy, but they're sort of a "diet" custard, even though they don't advertise that part strongly. I think that they run around 2/3 the cals of true frozen custard.