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Feb 15, 2014 05:55 PM

Dish recommendations at magical Keung Kee Montreal ?

Hi folks !
Does anyone have dish recommendations at Keung Kee ?
Especially from the chinese menu on the wall ?
I think they have sometimes geoduck sashimi as well as black chicken soup.
Please let me know :)

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  1. Geoduck "tail" sashimi which they serve on a ice platter covered with plastic wrap and the greens under the plastic (lol) and the body breaded and fried which is quite delicious. Can you call and order this in advance.

    Braised abalone on pea leaves. I think this may be on the menu, though. Quite expensive.

    Sometimes you can get bird's nest.

    Salt cod fried rice. Snake soup.

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    1. re: j_do

      Great ! Thanks :)
      Yes you can order the geoduck in advance, though it might be as well very expensive.
      Have you tried the lime juice chicken ? And the lily buds, wood ear mushroom & beef hot pot ?

      1. re: Julien.A

        i have only tried the chicken hot pot... lime juice chicken sounds amazing, so does that beef hot pot... i believe keung kee is also doing new seafood platters now