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Feb 15, 2014 05:07 PM

St. John USVI fabulous restaurants and grocery options?

As I reviewed St. John topics the most recent discussions were 3 plus years ago! Wondering if anyone can share some of their favorite restaurants on St. John. We will be there for 7 nights so looking for plenty of lunch/dinner options. We are staying in a house near the Westin so we can also cook/grill. I have heard the best grocery shopping would be in St. Thomas? Any thoughts on that would be great too! We are a family with 5 adults and one child. Open to any and all great food and price ranges! Thank you!!

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  1. We have been going to STJ for 20 years and I think there are lots of options for dining, mostly on the more causal side.

    How old is the child? I ask because the best high-end dining on the island is Zozo's at Caneel and they have a no-kids under 5 age restriction (although I lied about my 4yo's age, he was as big as and better behaved than a 5 yo) Higher-end dining on STJ means a collared shirt and nice shorts, no pants or jackets required.

    La Tapa is also very good.

    On the causal end, we continue to enjoy Morgan's Mango, Lime Inn, Shipwreck Landing, Miss Lucy's, Caneel Beach Bar for sushi.

    Motu is great for drinks before or after dinner (they don't serve food).

    I don't do a lot of cooking on STJ but unless you are looking for very specific items, the Starfish Market or Dolphin Market will have everything you need. I thought the produce was good two weeks ago. The meats at Starfish looked nice but I admit to being so picky about my beef and poultry, I just skip it all together when on an island vacation.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions cleobeach! My daughter will be six by then and she is very well traveled and has eaten at many fancy spots~lucky girl:) But I saw the age mention on Zozo's menu and was kinda turned off a little.

      We will cook most breakfasts at home and may make some picnic lunches. Other than that we will mostly eat out. We are so excited for our trip as my husband and I were there in 97 & 02 so it's been a while...too long!

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        Zozo's does things Zozo's way and one can accept it (or not) and I know what you mean about being a bit turned off.

        We eat there every trip so I know what to expect when it comes to their attitude (we have had some bizarre experiences) and business model but friends of ours were really put out when their menu alteration requests were not-so-nicely declined. (the waiter was a jerk about it, it could have been handled professionally but wasn't.)

        I do, however, think the new location is fantastic and the food and service is top notch. My son had the wild boar/pasta dish as his main and had bites of our entrees to round out his dinner.

        I forget to mention the Ocean Grill as one of our lunch (but not dinner) favorites. Their desserts are sure to delight a 6yo. I have found all (the exception mentioned above) restaurants to STJ to be kid friendly in the sense that reasonable menu alterations for a younger patron are granted happily. We have been taking our son since he was a baby and he goes out with us every night.

        For lunches, check out Sam and Jack's deli. We call ahead for beach sandwiches. The deli also has a nice selection of meats and cheese. They do all their own meats on-site. There is a daily selection or two of take-away meals and a cooler and freezer stocked with their meatballs, pasta, and sauces.

        1. re: cleobeach

          My vote to Sam and Jack's as well. Ocean Grill too. The Zozo issue is interesting The new location is gorgeous. We were there on opening night and it was stunning Unfortunately, I waiter was stunned as well. They can be a bit chippy and condescending. I don't take it from my teenage kids and sure won't take it from my teenaged waiter! I too, had the wild boar ragu It's a must have Give it a shot, bring your child with you and enjoy!

      2. you will find your answers to this and anything else about the island at
        Go to the forums. There is one for both the BVI and the USVI. The BVI forum is the most active, so you might want to post your question on both of the forums.
        And you can search the trip reports on the index also.