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Feb 15, 2014 04:53 PM

best Indian long island

Looking for best Indian long island like really good tandoori not to into saucy Indian love a great mint chili curry in Hicks vill e great as reviews suggest..what is the best and clean place

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  1. We like Curry Club in Stony Brook. Excellent tandoori.

    1. New Chili and Curry in Hicksville is impeccable. You can tell them how hot you want it, it is like being at a friend's house. The side sauces were wonderful too.

      1. 1. Southern Spice. No atmosphere, clean and food keeps getting better. Discovered a new favorite, chicken, hot green peepers and cut up parotha, unknown to me spice combination, stir fried. The tandoori quail special was also impressive. They do an excellent crab cake, nothing very South Asian seemingly, with mint chutney.
        2. New Chile and Curry.Also excellent and the hottest tikka masala I have ever had.
        3.Mumbai Express. Incredible choice of delicious chaat and other vegetarian dishes. Very small but clean.
        Special Mention to Kerala Kitchen. Had the buffet again this weekend. So different then anything South Asian you usually see, and mostly very tasty, especially the mutton curry.

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          I'll second Southern Spice. If you don't know what you want, just talk to the owner. He'll take the time to explain everything to you and make recommendations. But I have to admin that I have not tried the tandoori items on their menu. I've been quite happy with their curry and dosa items.