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Feb 15, 2014 03:36 PM

Florence day trips (like truffle hunting or wine tasting)

I'm looking for either of the afore mentioned day trips (especially truffle hunting) for a very short stay in Florence with my two 20ish daughters. Preferably not too touristy and with a good dose of local culture. All three of us are foodies but also love horse back riding and fashion and music/theater. Thank you!

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  1. What time of the year are you going? Because if it's summer, there won't be any truffle hunting.

    There are a lot of good companies that organize private tours combing both culture and food and/or wine tours in and around Florence.

    1. these folks claim to offer truffle hunting walks year round in addition to wine tours - Im a little dubious (like Elizabeth) about finding truffles out of season and its Hard to see how these tours, set up specifically for tourists and out of season could be anything other than touristy, but it might be a good walk in the country with locals..
      The truffles in tuscany arent the same as the famous white truffles of the Piedmont.

      1. Here is a thread from last year on wine tours from Florence:

        As noted above, the season for white truffles in Italy is usually late October into January/February. There are some white truffles to be found in southern Tuscany, around the town of San Giovanni d'Asso. If you search the NY Times website, you may be able to find an article from 8-10 years ago about truffle hunting in that area.

        1. there are truffles almost all year long- as mentioned white truffles are only a winter thing- the rest of the year there are black truffles, or various types.

          Not far from florence on the way to pisa is the savini family. they have tours and classes all year long.

          i would check with them

          1. Thank you everyone! I'm going March 26th to April 3rd of this year.

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              I'll bet a whole truffle that this annual sagra in Toscana is less touristy than what goes on in Piemonte every year.


              Tartufo marzuolo pretty much means ┬░March truffle". They are not out of season in March and they are a form of white truffle. But, no, they are obviously not famous.