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Jun 16, 2006 06:05 PM

Has anyone eaten at Greene House, in Scotsdale?

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I'm a big fan of Bistro Zin in Tucson, and am wondering if Greene House's food is a good as their menu. If they are, I'll be checking them out next time I'm in town.

(their menu can be found off of www.foxrestaurantconcepts.com

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  1. Gayle has. Hopefully she sees this.

    She's been there twice, so she'll be able to give you the lowdown.


    1. My wife and I had lunch there about two months ago. Great food. We both had salads with some of the freshest, tastiest vegetables we've had in a long time. The salads were small. Fortunately, the bread was fabulous; one type was a small French baguette roll with some dried fruit--tasted like currants and other unusual choices.

      All of the above aside, what I really wanted, though I was watching the waistline, was the burger. It looked really good, and large.

      P.S. Kierland Commons is a very cool place to wander around in.

      1. Hi Ben! Yep, as Renee mentioned, I've been twice. I have to say, not my cup of tea. Not the best Fox Restaruant Concepts has to offer. I much prefer Bloom, Wildflower. Not North so much.

        I thought it was over priced. I will agree that the salads and other produce is really good. Fresh, seasonal, lovely. But a regular green salad is $9. A little pricey, I think. No cheese, meat, greesn, beets, carrots -- $9!

        I had the ahi the first time and the short ribs the second time. The portions are smallish. Perfect for me, but Patrick, at 6' 4" would probably be disappointed. I have also tried the signature dish, the black cod with mushrooms, delightful, about a 4 oz serving of fish for $29 I think it was.

        I'm all about paying higher prices for great quality, but I felt like it fell a little short.

        Desserts were a weak point too. The most memorable thing was the doughnuts, but because they were really subpar.

        I might try lunch as I've heard better things about lunch than dinner.

        I'd love to hear what you have to say though.

        Search for my past reviews as I can't remember all of the intimate details.

        Have fun!

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          Gaye, good point about the doughnutsl. I didn't like them either. Could've gotten much better ones at Krispy Kreme for cheap! However, I did like the rest of the food at Greene House a lot more. The grilled chicken was superb - crispy skin and moist underneath. I only ordered it because they ran out of the fish I wanted but I was so glad I made that switch. Also, I had a great soup there. Can't remember if it was fresh pea soup or asparagus, but it was really good.

          Also, I didnt enjoy North so much either - for my money, Bloom and Greene House are the best of the Fox lot.