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Feb 15, 2014 01:02 PM

Allegro - Tonite - Anyone? W. Bloomfield

Dining companions for tonite's trip to Allegro are cancelling. Anyone interested in trying Russian fare?

I have resv for 6:30PM ...

Allegro Restaurant
3.0 star rating
6 reviews Rating Details

Category: Russian [Edit]
7295 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Hint: It's hidden around the back, north-side of the complex.

I'll be the olde, bald guy w/grey beard,
wearing the Hawaiian shirt.


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  1. And I'll be the young upstart, hoping against hope that I can keep up my end of the conversation. ;)

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    1. re: boagman

      I'll be the bald guy without the Hawaiian shirt or beard. Can't wait. Not BYOB, right??

    2. Jealous. Would love to meet my chowhound "neighbors"!

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      1. re: trapani

        Ditto. If there's ever a place around ypsi or Ann Arbor anyone wants to try...

        And that sturgeon sounds excellent.

      2. Allegro is not a place you will notice from the street or the primary parking lot. It is located on the far backside of a strip mall (Yotsuba is the anchor tenant).

        I disagree with Yawn's 3-star composite rating. I'll give the food 4-stars and my dining companions and the people watching 5-stars. The facility was clean, well maintained and decorated in 1990's fashion; I'll give it a 3-star rating. Plenty of parking ...

        Our waiter highly recommended the sturgeon and marinated lamb.The sturgeon was cooked over a wood flame; and was wonderful. This kitchen knows how to cook sturgeon. The portion was generous and I was able to take one piece home.

        My bride was very happy with the marinated lamb, cooked medium. Again; the portion was generous.

        Hot food was served hot. Cold food was served cold. The Merlot and Pino were ... nothing special. Glad that I did not order the (Russian?) beer that VTB was drinking.

        Our waiter mentioned that they do a lot of group events. We were dining ahead of the group(s) in the facility and had one teenie food problems. The roasted potatoes were dusted w/parmesan; so Boagman's plate returned for (re)plating with parmesan-free potatos. For me, the potatoes were the weakest dish of the night.

        Will I return? An emphatic, yes!

        1. More photos ... No; we did not order/eat all these appetizers. I snapped these photos while they were setting-up for one of the group events in the house.

          1. Hi Trapani, Make a post some time you’re up for a get together, and I think it will happen. :-)

            Indeed, Allegro was an interesting experience, as it clearly is THE PLACE for a night out among area expats from “former Eastern Bloc” countries. It was a bit difficult to completely assess the food on Valentine’s weekend, since they were more set up for (nice!) banquets. So, for instance, the broiled red skin potatoes and steamed veggies may have had to have understandably been held a tiny while before serving, but the Old World cold salads were fabulous, particularly the pickled varieties!

            And, the sturgeon ($24) has to be among my (new) favorite seafoods in town. Good portion, perfect doneness, and a preparation that let this quality fish shine. There was a sauce of warm pomegranate molasses served on the side which I gladly ate neat with a spoon, but did not mask my fish with. I suppose that with all the sturgeon being taken from the Caspian Sea for caviar, these people have had plenty of experience in perfecting the preparation of this fish’s steaks.

            For the hot appetizer, we got some kind of nicely spiced ground meat “fried in a tortilla.” Obviously, I was figuring something was lost in that translation. Sadly, no. It was decent overall, nonetheless. The Russian beer and house wines were passable. Corkage fee is $15 (for wine, $20 for vodka bottles) unless you have a party reservation, in which case it is free. Maybe I’ll go that route next time.

            I thank Rainsux and family/friends for the great company and for getting me to try this hidden gem, to which I’ll surely return.