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Feb 15, 2014 11:32 AM

TJ's Kale & Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip

Love this newish product from Trader Joe's. Besides the obvious dipping of chips, veggies (and whatever else you dip), what are some other uses for this dip? I was thinking it might be good as the "cheese" of a homemade pizza or quesadilla. Other ideas or what are some healthy ways you use the dip?

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  1. It is a yummy dip!
    I don't think it would hold up well in a quesadilla... Hot yogurt?? Hmmm.
    Yes, bake pizza crust first, then top with the yogurt dip and such.
    You could thin with a splash of milk or veg stock for a salad dressing.
    Use as a spread in sandwiches and wraps
    I liked it ontop a baked sweet potato and beany chili

    I'm sure it would be great mixed with tofu or chickpeas for an eggless salad or of course hard boiled eggs instead of mayo

    On steamed or roasted veggies, or as a dip for steamed artichokes

    Any savory dish instead of mayo

    1. I just mixed it into a can of tuna - delicious

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          I now buy 3 at a time. It's a daily snack for me. A few days ago it was only 2 at a time, so I might be up to one a day soon.

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            Be careful with this as a snack. While it's "healthy" in moderation, the whole tub has around 500 calories!

            I tried it in canned salmon, which is also tasty. I also put it on toast with avocado and separately with hard boiled egg whites one toast.

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              Good point, though I never said it was healthy, nutrition labels are there for reading :) The American public often forgets this. I had it with canned salmon and that was also great. It's interesting I don't actually like it as just a dip. I'm thinking it would be good smeared on chicken.

      1. I have used it on sandwiches as well, in place of mayo/mustard.

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          I buy two at a time now, love this stuff

        2. I love this stuff. I love it in sandwiches, in potatoes, with veggies, on a spoon. LOL

          Mixing it with tuna is a great idea. Definitely going to try that.

          1. It's especially good with salted pita chips.