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Feb 15, 2014 10:35 AM

Villeray / little italy restaurant rec?

I'm looking for a nice restaurant for a dinner for six, price around 35$ per person (before drinks) for a brirthday supper. Any recommendations aside from Alep or Tapeo? Ideally with good vegatarian or pescatarian options, any food type as long as it's well prepared. TIA

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  1. I'd suggest Mia Tapas indonésiens:

    I do like the quality-price ratio at Nhu Y (vietnamese, and a byow by the way), but it is a tiny, plain room. Mia would be more festive.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, they both sound interesting. I have been intrigued by Mia Tapas, we'll see if that works.

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        Of course there is a lot of buzz around Impasto (I haven't been there yet, but posters here have, and generally liked it if I recall), but it is very hard to get reservations, and I fear it might be a little pricy for the budget you have stated.

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          Impasto is on my list of restaurants to try, but timing is too close due to its popularity, as you mentioned. Since I'm not paying for this upcoming meal I want to avoid suggesting restaurants that are a bit pricey.

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        So I’ve been away for a while, a quick feedback: we ended up having our dinner at Mia Tapas. Had a lovely time, good service, and all of us (including the pregnant lady, the vegan and the older gentlemen that was a bit freaked out by the idea of ordering one than one plate of food and the pictures of carved fruit on the walls) liked the food. The fact that they serve each dish one after the other was a surprise, but a nice one actually. I had the squid, and could have easily had seconds of the same dish, liked the spices and the texture was perfect. The fish dish was also quite good. Looking forward to try the other suggestions : )

      3. I haven't been in a year or so but really liked Tandem when it first opened. I think it's a BYOB and should be in your price range.

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          I haven't been to Tandem, but friends who were there really liked it as well. Easy to figure out the price range when it is BYOW.

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            I looked at the menu and while it looks very yummy to me I doubt that it will fly with the non meat eaters. I'm tempted to try it though, it's pretty close to where I live. thanks for the suggestion!

          2. C-Thai is nice and BYOW, I don't know when you're planning on going though, there seems to have been a distaster in the kitchen as they've been closed for repairs for a few weeks now :(

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              Oh I like thai food, thanks for that suggestion, I always like to expand my BYOB restaurant list. I'll keep an eye out to see if they are reopened