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Feb 15, 2014 08:47 AM

Nixing farmed salmon

I've tried the fresh wild salmon at Costco and found the texture unappealing--rough is the way I describe it. A friend tells me there is a wild salmon that has a silkier texture but where do I find it in the Oakland/Lafayette area (assuming not to be found at Costco!)?

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  1. What species of salmon did you have?

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yes, of course. I guess I could just ask them for recs.

      2. Wild fresh!? salmon now? It might be 'fresh' thawed? The only fresh salmon costco usually carrys is farmed. That is what that texture sounds like. Freezing can dry the meat out. Esp if done pre filleted or just frozen to long or not flash frozen,

        Love to hear you are supporting wild salmon!! Theres not going to be any if people keep supporting by buying farmed.

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        1. re: daislander

          Costco carries wild caught salmon (fresh?) when in season, at some locations. I've bought Coho and Copper River salmon from Costco in Richmond.

        2. Silkier texture means higher fat content ? If so, try local ocean caught king aka chinook salmon

          Season is Apr-May to Sep-Nov, depending on population estimate and location

          1. best way to enjoy fresh, wild salmon is to embrace its seasonality and accept that it isn't available year 'round.