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Need help for larger deep dish key lime pie!

I need to make a larger key lime pie (10-11 inch pan). Expanding the crust is no problem: more graham cracker and crushed gingersnaps, extra Tbs brown sugar and butter.

But I'm a beginner w/ key lime filling. Just add more egg yolks? another can of sweetened condensed milk? that would be too much, right?

How much more key lime juice (the bottled stuff) ?

When i made my first, regular pie last week after the recommended 15 min @ 350, the pie was very liquid, so I kept it in the oven for 10 min. more. Still was very wobbly in the center but a little more firm when chilled, but not much, The pie was delicious.

Should I try a water bath for a larger pie? I have an oversize pie plate and would like to have the crust completely filled and plumped.

All help from 'Hounds much appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't wing this. You need to figure out the volume of your pans and adjust accordingly. If the recipe is meant to fill an 8" round pie dish that is one inch deep, you'll need a double recipe (or a little more) to fill a 10" pie dish that is 1.5 inches deep.

    1. this is the chicken's way out but...i'd make 2 batches of filling, and use some of the extra for the 10 inch pan. i'd take the rest of it and either make another crust and fill it only partially and cook it less time, or just put it into a different type of container and cook w/o crust - more as a pudding. either way, you've got extra key lime filling and that canNOT be a bad thing!

      my oven has a mind of it's own, so i use cooking times as a suggested guideline, not as a hard-and-fast rule. i would test the pie, until it was done to my satisfaction. with a 10" pie it's going to take some extra time - i would guess anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

      1. Check joyofbaking.com for relative pan volumes.

        1. it depends on what recipe you're using -- if you're using the traditional Keys recipe, the filling doesn't get baked at all -- it's only baked long enough to brown the filling.

          I would just make two pies.

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            exactly. just make 2 pies. or else risking all of the ingredients being wasted in a wobbly mess.

          2. I made a key lime pie for Christmas Eve dinner and had the same problem. When I put the filling in the crust it just wasn't full enough and I cannot tolerate a sparse pie. I made another batch of filling and just poured it on top of the original batch and it was a perfect fit. So, in the future I will just make a double batch. I baked it until it was still a bit wobbly and it came out great. I know I didn't double the baking time. It was maybe 20 minutes instead of 15 but depends upon your oven.

            1. Thanks! to all who replied, No time to get another SCMilk so I'm going with a smaller (9") pie plate and doing another dessert to accompany it (chocolate whiskey cake from NYT). w/strawberry sauce!

              All the recipes I found were for a 9" pie plate and my big beautiful, deep dish plate is almost 11 inches, really beautiful for almost any other pie - not key lime. I was asked to bring a big dessert, thus adding the cake. I'm going to do more research for the bigger key lime pie.

              Sunshine, can you tell me more about the 'no-bake' pie? How does that work? is a meringue topping OK?

              Can i make key lime bars with extra filling and crust mix in a square pan?? or little sorta pies in shallow muffin cups??

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                absolutely! they both sound like great ideas!

                play with your food!!!!!

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                  the traditional Keys recipe is:

                  3 egg yolks
                  1 can sweetened condensed milk

                  Mix the yolks with the milk, then add key lime juice (I only ever use Nellie and Joes) until it sets up in the bowl, usually 1/3 to 1/2 cup-- the acidity actually curdles the proteins in the egg yolks as though it had been cooked. Adjust lime juice to taste.

                  Pour into a graham cracker crust (for Bahamian style, put it in a crust made of crushed Ritz crackers). Refrigerate.

                  Purists serve it straight up naked, with nothing at all on the top.

                  Traditionalists whip the whites into a meringue, and bake at 375 just until the meringue is brown. It's not to cook the filling - it gets warm, but doesn't cook. No more than 10 minutes, plus or minus.

                  Tourists put whipped cream on it.

                  Spawn of the devil dye it green and put Cool whip on it.

                  (Proper key lime pie is buttery yellow, not green)

                  I wouldn't put key lime pie in a huge plate like that -- even one thin slice would tend to get overwhelming, as it's very rich.

                  I would just make two pies.

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                    sunshine - thanks - I guess I'm a purist - serving naked pie.made w/Nellie and Joe's. No topping. Next time I'll do it this way, no bake. Making 2 sounds right. . I make the crust w/graham cracker and gingersnap crumbs, 1 Tbs brown sugar and 3 oz melted butter. is that right?
                    anyway - thanks to everyone. CHs are great!

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                      you probably wouldn't find gingersnaps in the Keys.

                      There are those who worry about uncooked eggs who prefer to bake...if it were an issue, I'd just use pasteurized eggs.

                2. Do you top the pie with meringue or whipped cream? I use a recipe for a smaller pie to fill my larger pan. It needs to be baked for a shorter time, since it's thinner. I fill the crust with whipped cream and it doesn't look meager .

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                    No w. cream or meringue, I don't like meringue and whipped cream seems to be too sweet/fat - that mouth feel. Key Lime seems to be perfect just the way it is. I just want to really fill up the pie shells and the filling seems to shrink down when the pie is cooled.


                    Most of them are NOT actually Key Lime juice. The only one I completely trust is Nellie and Joe's Key West Key Lime juice.

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                      Hi Potato! - that's what I've got. there are others??

                      Any ideas about making enough filling for my larger pie plate?? thanks

                    2. Without actually looking at your recipe, I'd make 1 1/2 times the filling for a 10 inch. Divide the recipe in half and you should just about, if not have what you need to fill the shell. And if the recipe calls for food coloring, skip it..it looks fake.

                      1. Incredibly, I just made this yesterday. I took my standard recipe for a 9-inch pie and doubled the filling for a deep 11-inch tart shell. Everything else was the same - increased the baking time by maybe 5 minutes but otherwise, no change. It was perfect. No water bath needed. I think my very full 11-inch tart took a total of 20 minutes to bake.

                        As for the lime juice, I just will not use bottled juice of any kind, key or otherwise. If I can't get real key limes, I will use regular fresh lime juice and add some finely grated zest for the extra bite. It may not be totally authentic, but I don't like the taste of any bottled citrus - there's always something metallic about it.

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                        1. re: Nyleve

                          Persian limes are less acidic than Key limes -- it won't taste right, and it will take a **lot** more juice, which will soften the filling considerably.

                          You can, however, buy Key limes and freeze the juice.

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                            When you live in the frozen north, miles and miles from the nearest key lime, a Persian lime will do. The pie I made the other day was really really good.

                            1. re: Nyleve

                              I've lived in Florida too long -- I'd just wait.

                              1. re: sunshine842

                                If I waited that long, I'd probably be dead before I'd make a "proper" key lime pie. I'm ok with the ersatz.

                        2. I use Joe & Nellie's key lime juice, and they have an excellent recipe on their bottle. Last time I did two larger pies, I did three recipes and could have done four. Cooked in a convection oven time is the same.

                          1. assuming the pie plates are 1" high, it's pi r squared.

                            for the 9" pie plate, the volume is 3.14 times 4.5 times 4.5 = 63.5 cu inches - and you know the recipe you have will fill that, right?

                            for the 11 inch pie plate, the volume is 3.14 times 5.5 times 5.5 = 94.9 cu inches [let's call it 95 cu inches].

                            which is roughly another 50% BIGGER than the 9 inch. pie plate. SO, if you just increase the ingredients by 50% for the 9 inch pie, you should be OK [you know - like if it calls for 2 cups of flour and 4 eggs, you use 3 cups of flour and 6 eggs]

                            did you ever think high school geometry would actually come in handy??? LOL