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Feb 15, 2014 08:40 AM

Need help for larger deep dish key lime pie!

I need to make a larger key lime pie (10-11 inch pan). Expanding the crust is no problem: more graham cracker and crushed gingersnaps, extra Tbs brown sugar and butter.

But I'm a beginner w/ key lime filling. Just add more egg yolks? another can of sweetened condensed milk? that would be too much, right?

How much more key lime juice (the bottled stuff) ?

When i made my first, regular pie last week after the recommended 15 min @ 350, the pie was very liquid, so I kept it in the oven for 10 min. more. Still was very wobbly in the center but a little more firm when chilled, but not much, The pie was delicious.

Should I try a water bath for a larger pie? I have an oversize pie plate and would like to have the crust completely filled and plumped.

All help from 'Hounds much appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't wing this. You need to figure out the volume of your pans and adjust accordingly. If the recipe is meant to fill an 8" round pie dish that is one inch deep, you'll need a double recipe (or a little more) to fill a 10" pie dish that is 1.5 inches deep.

    1. this is the chicken's way out but...i'd make 2 batches of filling, and use some of the extra for the 10 inch pan. i'd take the rest of it and either make another crust and fill it only partially and cook it less time, or just put it into a different type of container and cook w/o crust - more as a pudding. either way, you've got extra key lime filling and that canNOT be a bad thing!

      my oven has a mind of it's own, so i use cooking times as a suggested guideline, not as a hard-and-fast rule. i would test the pie, until it was done to my satisfaction. with a 10" pie it's going to take some extra time - i would guess anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

      1. Check for relative pan volumes.

        1. it depends on what recipe you're using -- if you're using the traditional Keys recipe, the filling doesn't get baked at all -- it's only baked long enough to brown the filling.

          I would just make two pies.

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            exactly. just make 2 pies. or else risking all of the ingredients being wasted in a wobbly mess.

          2. I made a key lime pie for Christmas Eve dinner and had the same problem. When I put the filling in the crust it just wasn't full enough and I cannot tolerate a sparse pie. I made another batch of filling and just poured it on top of the original batch and it was a perfect fit. So, in the future I will just make a double batch. I baked it until it was still a bit wobbly and it came out great. I know I didn't double the baking time. It was maybe 20 minutes instead of 15 but depends upon your oven.