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Feb 15, 2014 08:24 AM

Quiet restaurants near Rubin Museum

2-3 star restaurants, nice ambiance,

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  1. We need more details.

    2-3 stars on what scale? NYT? Michelin?

    What meal? Lunch or dinner?

    What day of the week? Not all will serve upscale lunch on weekends for example.

    What cuisines?

    What's your budget per person before tax, tip, alcohol?

    1. Dinner for two seniors, NYT stars, moderate budget, open to many cuisines,

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      1. re: Dugway

        What is "moderate"? What's moderate to you isn't moderate to other people. $30pp before tax/tip/drinks? $40pp? More? Less?

      2. A unique and awesome museum. The Dzogchen mural is worth the price of admission. Do you want restos within walking distance or is a cab ride OK?

        1. Junoon is a wonderfully serene ambiance, lovely decor. Fifteen minute walk from the museum. You can check out the menu to see if you find the prices moderate. I usually go with a fish appetizer and a vegetable entree -- and I'm not a dessert eater so I don't find the prices immoderate for such a nice space in the center of Manhattan

          Closer is Periyali, which also has a low noise level and a charming space. Their online menu doesn't show prices but you can get an idea from Menupages

          Mailalino is just a shade more than a 15 minute walk. Fair prices for high quality Roman Italian food. Conscientiously "nice" ambience but a bit more energetic when it comes to loads of people talking, but tables are well spaced and music is not pumped up. Not an impossible or annoying noise level. Just buzzy.

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            Second Periyali.

            Not trendy or a scene but consistently very good. Lovely space. They may have a prix fixe. Their grilled octopus is a signature dish.

            The Rubin is one of my favorite museums in the city.