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Explosion at Denise Acabo

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Happend to everyone's fave candy store in Paris yesterday. Apparently 3 persons quite badly hurt

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  1. OMG No! She is just the sweetest lady (literally!). Do you know what happened?

    1. Just read it was a gas explosion. This is horrible.

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        Let's hope Mme Acabo is ok and that l'Etoile d'Or re-opens.

      2. Horribly telling photo: http://www.leparisien.fr/informations...

        It appears that those injured were workers cutting pipe in the basement who possibly ignited a gas cylinder.

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          Oh wow, that picture makes me want to cry. We were there for the first time last May, and vowed it wouldn't be the last. It was such a unique experience! Here's hoping all the injured recover & that Mme Acabo can rebuild & reopen. I think she might whither away without her shop - she has such passion for her craft.

        2. Any update on whether she is rebuilding?

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