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Feb 15, 2014 12:36 AM

Tired of pork,beef and chicken

I was wondering if there are places near Portland Oregon(live in Vancouver) to get something other than beef,chicken or pork.Not fond of chicken all that much and beef once in awhile.It's mostly sirloin chops,more tender than pork loin and cheaper.I was thinking of deer or elk and would really like to try some bision or some type of fish would be store fish is too expensive considering I"m in the n.w.

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  1. Go to ABC Seafood at 65thish and Powell. Fish is much less expensive and the range is pretty great. It is also a really nifty place to go. Bison should be pretty common in these parts. Sheridan on MLK has a wide selection of uncommon meats in their freezer section next to the butcher.

    1. Flying Fish, in addition to having great fishand seafood, has a selection of meats too, including lamb, goat, bison, elk, venison...

      Laurelhurst Market and Chop both have good duck options, if you like duck. Might have other stuff or can get it for you if you ask.

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        thanks for the advice,have you tried bison and how does it compare to beef,just wondering.

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          Bison is a type of buffalo, the kind native to the US. It is very lean, so you have to be careful when cooking it and add some fat back in - especially if you are making burgers or something with ground bison. Taste is very similar...especially if you eat grass-fed beef (which is also lean).

          If you want to see some live ones (lots of them were out on Sunday afternoon when I drove by), you can do that in Forest Grove here:

      2. I would also try Pine Mountain Meats at the PSU Farmers Market. They have a wide variety of oddball stuff. They have ground alpaca.