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Feb 14, 2014 08:56 PM

Barcelona with a 4 year Old

Going to be in Barcelona the week after next while my husband will be at a conference. Will have a couple days of exploring without him and I'd love to take in some tapas bars, local eats, etc with my very adventurous eating 4 year old. I'm sure we'll be eating a bit earlier than most which is fine.

How kid friendly are tapas bars and such? I know I'd be fine going in alone but with the kid...

We're staying around Placa Espanya but will be all over the city during the day.

Any advice, suggestions, recomendations would be much appreciated.


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  1. Hello, we had a great time eating out with our 3.5 year old. I take it you don't have to worry about naps and that your 4 year old can manage a bar stool?
    if so we ate at the following places Pinotxo in the Boqueria for breakfast, Cuidad Condal open most of the day so very convenient, Tapac 24 we ate outside at the tables and chairs, Can Ravell lovely lovely food but can be pricey, La cova fumada, Kiosko burger, cuines Santa Maria, all for lunch. for dinner we went to Paco Meralgo a couple of times. All great food and easily done with our 3.5 year old. Opposite Paco Meralgo is Cremeria Toscana which does lovely ice cream , vioko in Barceloneta is also good and Bubo is great. he also liked Cacao Sampaka for hot chocolate. You will have fun and eat very well! don't forget to try the xuxuos!

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      1. I totally agree with the poster below. Barcelona is great for little kids. We went with our two year old, two years ago, and we had a terrific time.

        One suggestion: we actually kept our daughter on US East Coast time (we're from Boston) while we were there, for the most part. She went to bed at around midnight and slept till 10, and it was the best sleeping we had had up until that point! It also let us keep our schedule more in line with what was open in terms of sights and restaurants.

        La Boqueria might be a little crazy inside for a little kid, but we were able to grab food from some of the stalls and sit off the to the side, and then stand for a bit at El Quim.

        Of the very chowish places on the various Barcelona related chains, we also loved Cal Pep (Pep himself was great with our daughter at the counter) and Euskal Extea for pinxtos. Another nice respite was at Ohla gastronomic bar in the Ohla hotel.

        Lonja de tapas is a sort of tapas chain - they have 3 or 4 locations, some under different names - and the staff there was really wonderful with our daughter.

        All in all, everyone in Barcelona was great with kids. Our daughter liked the aquarium, loved the Parc Guell and some of the modernist buildings, and the sculpture garden at the Miro museum. She also really loved the cable car up to Montjuic.

        Have fun!