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Feb 14, 2014 08:18 PM

Restaurants In Puglia

Hi Hounds-
We're spending a week in Puglia next month and we've found the recommendations of Erica and others so helpful. Based on Erica rec we've booked Parco di Castro, but someone else suggested Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale, or Caffe Cavour. Wonder if anyone can provide any feedback (no pun intended) on the last two or all three? Thanks

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  1. I haven't been to these, but it might help to say which town each of them is in, so if someone doesn't know of them but has other ideas for that town they can give their suggestions. I hope you enjoy Puglia as much as we did.

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      Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Parco di Castro is in Fassano, Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale and Caffe Cavour are both in Ostuni-any reviews or additional suggestions would be much appreciated.

    2. where are you going in Puglia?

      YOu may find this local website interesting to find restaurant recommendations and reviews in Puglia - Google Translate is your friend.
      Here also

      1. In2food, how did you reserve at Parco di Castro? Online or did you call them?

        We will be in Puglia in May and I have read most of the threads on it on CH. Some of the places I have written down are Il Ritrovo Degli Amici in Martina Franca (another Erica pick) and Cocopazzo, also in Martina Franca. Sapere e Sapore in Ostuni, Antiche Mura in Pogliano and Osteria Pericci in Monopoli were also touted on another long food report on CH.

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          We called. After your research what are your thoughts.

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            We will probably wait to we get to Puglia to make reservations. Also, get imput from people where we are staying. If you find any great spots next month, let us know!

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              How was your trip to Puglia? Any restaurants really stand out? Still researching our trip in late May and would love any feedback. Thanks!