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Feb 14, 2014 07:39 PM

Tacoma lunch recommendation?

Any affordable lunch recommendations for Tacoma would be greatly appreciated. Have dear friends with a long layover passing thru and we need to meet up near Tacoma (which I' m not familiar with in terms of best restaurant offerings). Friends like too not spend much but I would like to impress with good food . Plenty of time to kill, thinking along lines of deli or tavern? but any recs would be great. TIA

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  1. Neither tavern nor deli, but this place is about 12 minutes from the airport, has fine fish & chips & a decent selection of draft beer:

    Sharps Roaster & Ale, 18427 International Boulevard

    We've enjoyed it a few times before & after flights.


    1. I would take them to Katie Downs on the waterfront on Ruston Way. Food is okay but the view is great - right on the water. Prices are decent.

      1. If it's a weekday, Indochine on Pacific Avenue, downtown Tacoma. Also, the Spar in Old Town for a fun tavern/food experience.

        1. Southern Kitchen 1716 6th Av - catfish and plenty more.