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Feb 14, 2014 06:53 PM

Red Boat fish sauce for sale east of Hollywood

Hello, my bottle of Three Crabs is just about empty, and I've seen and heard much about Red Boat being a superior brand. I'd like to try it. I've read online that the 500mL bottle can be found for $8 at some stores, but I haven't seen it in Asian markets and its $21 (!) on Amazon and $17 shipped from the company website. Any tips?

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  1. Sur la Table has it. Can't remember the price...

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      Bound to be more than Hawaii Super!

    2. I've bought it at Hawaii Supermarket on Del Mar

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        $5.99/bottle at Hawaii Supermarket

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          Really late replying, but thanks for this tip! I'll have to check it out.

        2. Sandwich Place on Rowena.
          Surfas, not eat of Hollywood but
          Check Bangluck Market
          I think Red Boat Website lists the places that have it.

          1. Whole Foods usually has it

            1. Good to see they now stock RBFS at Whole Foods and Sur La Table

              The least expensive place we've purchased it is at Nam Hoa in Garden Grove by the case (~$75 for the 500 ml 40 degree bottles). They also stock the tiny bottles which are great for storing in the glove compartment for occasional culinary emergency.

              If you've never tried RBFS, it should not be considered a replacement for Three Crabs. Red Boat is much more intense. It's a finishing sauce, not a cooking or fish sauce to make a dressing with. It's too pungent.

              An insider told me RBFS is developing a milder sauce to cook with...and anchovy salt. Can't wait to top some fries with that!