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Red Boat fish sauce

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Anyone know if this product can be found in Vancouver?

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  1. Never seen it but

    Asia Market on Hastings would be a place to start a search failing that I'd head up Kingsway into Little Vietnam.

    Looks rather high end though who knows maybe Urban Fare has it.


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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Never seen it locally. Asia market doesn't carry it. Was there a few days ago. They didn't have the 3crab either ended with brand never used before.

      1. re: betterthanbourdain

        3 Crabs comes & goes it seems in short supply much like certain Kecap Manis brands.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          Nice to see you around these parts again, betterthanbourdain. Three Crab is back in stock at Asia Market as of yesterday. I had a bottle in my hand when I bumped into Pook, co-owner of this and Benjarong. She dismissed it summarily and pointed me to Squid brand, which has been my go-to for a while. So she suggested trying Prawn brand, manufactured by the same company, as a second choice. They have identical amounts of the same ingredients, interestingly. We shall see...

          FWIW the bottle btb took a snap of and 3 Crabs both have added wheat (?), so be aware of that if you are gluten sensitive.

    2. I have looked to no avail and ended up ordering from their website and picking up at Pt Roberts.

      I suspect It will be too pricey for Kingsway & Chinatown stores to carry....

      Perhaps we could do a group buy in the future ....

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      1. re: yatyat

        Is it that much better?

        Better even than Three Crabs?

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          I don't know if I have tasted Three Crabs. The last one I got from T&T had a boy on the label and the Red Boat tastes better.

          I got it because it was recommended on a few paleo sites that I visit.

          1. re: yatyat

            I found some at a market in Seattle. It's definitely pricier than "regular" fish sauce but the ingredients list is impeccable. Anchovy, salt. That's it. 3 crabs and most other fish sauce has a bunch of additives.

            As for taste, I've only added it to meatballs/soups/stews, etc rather than something like nuoc cham where you can really taste the fish sauce so there's not a huge difference if you're using it like me.

            1. re: dimples_323

              Not a fan of Golden Boy or Lucky Brand, which I find far too weak (Pook confirmed this, FWIW). I got both because the bottles are smaller but chucked 'em out. Give me a big bottle that lasts forever, notwithstanding the silly best before dates. It can get bit darker and develop crystals but no harm no foul so far.

      2. Is that a good one!? I am on a Vietnamese kick. I just whipped my first batch of nuoc ma cham so it has time to sit before dinner tonight. No comparison to what I've had in restaurants! I had the Asian Creations Thai one on hand but then picked up a golden boy brand which looked popular. Fish sauces seem to all have different ingredients like carmel msg sugar...

        1. Is nuoc mam the new extra virgin olive oil?

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              Yes and you should use it on collard greens and cauliflower (the 'new' kales) ;-)

              1. re: LotusRapper

                HEIRLOOM cauliflower :P

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                  With Dijon ketchup ! (reference to the BNL's)

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                      speaking of kale - i don't really "get" that trend - not a kale (is it a brassica?) fan - however we really like the "bright lights" sw chard (often in the organic shelf of product section in supermarket) PLUS I can grow it at home here at coast - facing south in winter - see the organic seeds at West Coast (in Ladner or on Internet - and super easy to grow - use scissors to harvest and it will keep producing)