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Feb 14, 2014 05:33 PM

Indian Grocery SPICE Stores in Artesia

I have decided to go back to cooking mostly Indian food at home.

Before, when I did, I bought the bulk of my spices from Bahrat Bazaar over on Washington which is now closed. Although I have an India Sweets & Spices around the corner from me, the area in the store is particularly poor with dust, lint, trash, etcetera which makes it unpalatable.

What I have bought is poor quality and expired dates.

This, IMO, is not a job for Penzey's and, as much as I like them, the Spice Station is not an option.

Ideally, I would like to go to the Mom and Pop Indian groceries in Artesia. I don't know the names and locations of the best groceries in that area.

Any help would be appreciated. A grocery with take-out would be cool too. And one which has cooking implements is fun too.

I know about the big grocery with bad parking on San Fernando Road but it does not carry Indian spices at all.

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  1. On Pioneer, on the left and a few blocks north of South street there are several Indian Cash & Carry markets, all of which have extensive spice shelves with almost any spice you require in different sizes. For instance, I wanted black pepper and my local stores in Long Beach were lacking in size and price. I picked a nice looking Rani 5 pound container for $24.95 and a 2 pound bag of Tea India for less than 6 bucks. Also a good variety of British specialties.

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      Thank youi. That is exactly what I am looking for. I'll start at the stores you mention and circle out to find more. :)

      I'll post here if I find any great things.

    2. not in artesia, but if you still live on the westside, you might try swinging by samosa house on washington near berryman.

      i plan to go there soon myself to see if they carry asafoetida

      also there is a small mom 'n pop on venice blvd in a strip mall to the east of the mayura mall. south side of the street.
      can't remember the name.

      1. Pioneer Cash and Carry - 18601 Pioneer (562) 809-9433 - corner of Pioneer and 186th is the largest store in Little India. They are also the most crowded on weekends, and probably have the freshest stocks. But the aisles are narrow, and my fellow Indian shoppers seem to behave like they would back in India, so I avoid it on weekends. Weekdays are much better when I have managed to go there.

        The other one I go to is Ambala Cash and Carry - 18411 Pioneer (562) 924-1441. Aisles are narrow, selection while plenty good is not as extensive as the other one, but is also less crowded and so often a better shopping experience.